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Are the six body parts of drivers most injured and prone to skin cancer the car owners often face a problem when driving, especially the old drivers. That's the symptom of driving for a long time. There are six parts of the body that are easily injured when driving for a long time. So if you have the following symptoms, adjust them as soon as possible~

The most injured six body parts of drivers

Drive family health care should be careful to drive so that your six major body parts are injured.

1. The ears are hurt

Originally, you are smart and discerning. After driving for a while, you will find that your ears are not as smart as before. This is because the ears are disturbed by the engine, car horn, road noise of different intensity every day, and the hearing will naturally decrease over time. The best way to avoid this is to check the sealing strip of the vehicle frequently. Of course, it is better to pay attention to its sound insulation performance when selecting the vehicle.

2. My eyes are so tired!

When driving, the eyes often focus on the front, and from time to time from the rear-view mirror to pay attention to the situation after getting off, which will make the eyes tired. Tired eyes make it hard to concentrate and are prone to accidents. Therefore, driving mm in the parking interval, but also to turn the eyes or blink more, alleviate the fatigue of the eyes.

3. Be careful of gynecological diseases

Driving for a long time will keep our 'little garden' moist for a long time, so that all kinds of germs can take advantage of it. Bacteria multiply in large numbers and invade the body, which will aggravate many gynecological and urinary diseases, so you should change your underwear frequently.

4. Sore neck

In the process of driving, muscles and ligaments are in a relatively static state for a long time, so it is easy to lead to micro dislocation of cervical spine, so as to compress and stimulate nerves. Over time, the head, shoulders and upper limbs will also suffer from pain, swelling and other discomfort. So, don't grudge 30 minutes of exercise every day, jogging and jogging can make your body return to a healthy and balanced state.

5. Stomach, with you

Drivers are prone to gastrointestinal neurosis. This is because it's easy to get anxious when driving, so the gastric juice secreted by the body will be more acidic, and our gastric mucosa will bear more pressure. Therefore, listening to some relaxing music in the car can effectively relieve the tension.

6. Is driving easy to get skin cancer?

If you drive for a long time on a white day, the skin on your head, neck, arms and hands will become cancerous due to the ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight for a long time. Therefore, to ensure the healthy and energetic skin, it is necessary to apply SPF30 sunscreen every 2 hours. When the sun is strong, try to wear long sleeved shirt and sunglasses. If you are driving for an outing, you'd better wear a sun hat.

With the development of society, automobile has become a necessary tool for most people to travel. Although automobile brings us convenience, there are many hidden dangers in driving with the same posture. These are six vulnerable places. You should pay attention to those who often drive!