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Transfer 26, 000 yuan, select the wrong person, transfer the wrong money, what to do, transfer the w

Transfer 26, 000 yuan, select the wrong person, transfer the wrong money, what to do, transfer the wrong money, how to recover it in daily life, many people carelessly transfer the money to the wrong place. If they transfer it to an acquaintance, they can return it. If they transfer it to a stranger's account, it will be troublesome. Recently, a man in Nan'an accidentally transferred the money to the wrong place, but the other party refused to return it, claiming that he transferred it voluntarily. So what should I do when I encounter this kind of money transfer? Let's have a look at it!

Mr. Wang of Nan'an District, on July 22, is going to transfer 26000 yuan to the company's financial department, but he chose the wrong person to transfer the money to a Ms. Zhou. When he finds out that he made a mistake, Mr. Wang quickly contacts the other party and hopes to return the amount. But after several communications, things are not going well.

Mr. Wang said that he was going to transfer money to the company's financial department to pay the electricity fee, but two days later, the company's financial department told him that the money had not yet arrived. Went to the bank and printed the transfer list. Mr. Wang found that he didn't transfer the money to the finance department, but to another Ms. Zhou.

Mr. Wang said that Ms. Zhou was not a stranger either. She was a salesperson who had previously promoted automobile insurance to him, so there were still phone calls and wechat messages in her mobile phone. So Mr. Wang quickly contacted Ms. Zhou. But the other side said that he has not received any information, and will return it after finding out. When Mr. Wang was waiting for Ms. Zhou's response, on July 26, the other party said via wechat voice: 'that's what you call the card voluntarily. It's about me. I have my business one day. I'll make it clear to you. Don't disturb me, OK? And I don't have so much money on my card. '

Xiao Bian has some questions. I don't know how Mr. Wang transferred his account?

In fact, Mr. Wang doesn't need to be alarmed. If Ms. Zhou receives the transfer, according to Article 92 of the general principles of the civil law of the people's Republic of China, if she gains improper interests without legal basis and causes losses to others, she shall return the obtained improper interests to the person who suffers the loss.

In daily life, many people also use wechat transfer function. What should I do if I transfer the wrong account?

Recently, the Criminal Investigation Bureau of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau issued a way to recover the loss by transferring the wrong account via wechat, and reminded the public to determine the transferor to remit before the transfer.

The Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau said that unlike the bank transferred to the wrong account, Alipay or WeChat could get in touch with the other party after the transfer of the wrong account. The acquaintance would naturally return to it if it was a telephone or a chat function in APP. If it is a stranger, communicate with him first, then ask the other party to return the money. Once you meet someone who is determined not to return money, don't just kowtow to each other. Call customer service and ask for help Police said that for the payee, this windfall belongs to unjust enrichment. According to the relevant articles of law, if an improper interest is obtained without legal basis, thus causing losses to others, the improper interest obtained shall be returned to the person who suffered the loss. If the wechat transfer is found to be wrong, the party concerned shall contact the other party in time to explain the situation and ask the other party to return it, and the other party shall have the obligation to return it.

If the other party refuses to return, the party concerned may sue the other party in court with unjust enrichment. Be sure to keep wechat transfer records and bank card details, which can be submitted as evidence If you add the wechat of the other party through the mobile number, you can try to find the identity information of the other party through the mobile number; if you still can't determine the identity information of the other party in this way, you can try to communicate with the wechat background and ask for the help of the staff He said.

In addition, citizens can set the wechat transfer delay to account function in advance. Before realizing the risk or error, they can ask the wechat official to help cancel the transfer, so as to avoid the risk of fraud or misoperation. However, we still suggest that the public check the transfer carefully before transfer, which is the best way to avoid loss.