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2018 World Cup hot final forecast

Sihaiwang: the ultimate prediction of winning the 2018 World Cup! The 2018 World Cup is half way through. Who will win the championship and which team will win the Hercules cup are highly expected. Let's forecast the hot teams to see together.

Top winners of 2018 World Cup

1. Germany team

The German team, which has always been awarded the title of "chariot", has won four championships and four runners up in the previous World Cup. The most recent time to win the world cup is 2014 Brazil World Cup. As a powerful German team, it is an indispensable hot topic whether in player strength or manager, and it is the number one seed of winning the 2018 World Cup.

2. Brazil team

Brazil is recognized as the "football kingdom" by the people of the world, which is true! In terms of winning the championship, Brazil team is one of the most champions in the world cup, with a total of 5 times; in terms of talent, Brazil is the birthplace of the world's stars, of which Kaka and Neymar are the best examples. As a football country, can we stand at the top of the world stage again? We are looking forward to it.

3. Italy

If the German team is an iron car to clear the obstacles ahead, then the Italian team is the representative of Wudang school. No matter what difficulties ahead, they can deal with them and won't let the obstacles block or pass easily. The Italian team is very like an impregnable shield, able to defend the external strong attack. Maybe that's why the Italian team can win the World Cup four times! So what kind of miracle will you create this year? We are looking forward to.

4. Argentina

In history, Argentina won two World Cup titles in 1978 and 1986 respectively. Remember the 2014 Brazil World Cup, Argentina in the finals, finally 0-1 results in the second place, and lost the championship. The 2018 World Cup World preliminaries have been in full swing. With Messi as the representative, can Argentina learn from the previous failure and win the championship this time? We are looking forward to it.