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What are the benefits of eating black sesame for pregnant women? What are the precautions for pregna

Sihai: I believe that many pregnant women are very concerned about how to supplement nutrition during pregnancy. The most common is that pregnant women eat black sesame. Black sesame is very nutritious. There are many trace elements in it, which are very necessary for our human body. But pregnant women don't digest if they don't drink properly. So how should pregnant women eat black sesame the most nutritious? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian~

1. Black sesame paste

Use 60 grams of black sesame and mulberry, 30 grams of rice and 10 grams of white sugar. Wash the rice, black sesame and mulberry separately, mash them in a stone bowl, put 3 bowls of clear water in a casserole, boil them and put in white sugar, then slowly mix the mashed rice pulp, and boil them into a paste. This paste can nourish the liver and kidney, moisten the five internal organs, dispel wind dampness and clear away the deficiency fire. It can cure the diseases such as deficiency and weakness, early white hair and vertigo due to deficiency wind.

2. Sesame and walnut porridge

Use 50g black sesame, 100g walnut kernel, mash them together, add some rice and water to make porridge. This porridge can nourish the liver and kidney, and has therapeutic effect on secondary cerebral atrophy.

3. Sesame fungus tea

30 grams of raw black fungus, 30 grams of fried black fungus, 15 grams of fried fragrant black sesame, all ground up, bottled for standby. Take 5g each time, and wash the boiling water to replace the tea. This tea can cool blood and stop bleeding. It has therapeutic effect on blood fever, blood in stool and dysentery.

4. Sesame almond honey

500g black sesame, stir fried, fragrant and ground, 100g sweet almond, mashed into mud, 125g white sugar and honey respectively, placed in a porcelain basin, steamed for 2 hours in water, off the fire, cooled. Take 2-4 spoons of warm boiled water twice a day. It can nourish the liver, benefit the kidney, moisten the lung and stop coughing. It is a therapeutic formula for the patients with bronchial asthma, and has a certain anti-cancer effect.

The above are some of the most nutritious ways for pregnant women to eat black sesame. Friends of pregnant women at home must know more about it and go back to do it carefully to make it easier to absorb and avoid wasting the nutrition of black sesame. At the same time, pregnant women's friends also need to eat more vegetables, vegetables and fruits to assist the absorption of black sesame. They also need more rest and go after eating.