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How to use sunscreen correctly in summer

When summer comes, sun protection must not be ignored to prevent skin sunburn. Sunscreen is to resist the direct damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin and prevent the skin from being suntanned. Especially for the beauty loving women, sunscreen is particularly important in summer. So the question is, how to use sunscreen correctly?

First, the higher the SPF, the longer the sunscreen time.

In general, the skin of yellow people can withstand the strong light for 15 minutes on average without being burned. Using SPF15 anti ultraviolet products, it can withstand the strong ultraviolet radiation for about 225 minutes (15 minutes & times; 15). Spf5-8 sunscreen can be used for daily care, shopping and shopping, and spf10-15 sunscreen can be used for outing. Use spf20-30 waterproof sunscreen when swimming or sunbathing. When the exposure time exceeds the effective sunscreen time, it should be applied in time;

Second, the SPF value cannot be accumulated.

Apply two layers of SPF10 sunscreen, only one layer of SPF10 protection effect;

Third, sunscreen, like general skin care products, needs a certain time to be absorbed by the skin. Therefore, sunscreen should be applied 10-20 minutes before going out, and 30 minutes before going to the beach;

Fourth, sunscreen is not effective on application, but to achieve a certain amount to play the effect.

Generally, when the amount of sunscreen applied on the skin is 2 mg per square centimeter, the proper sunscreen effect can be achieved;

Fifth, people with different skin types should choose different sunscreen products.

Oily skin should choose water-based sunscreen with strong penetration; dry skin should choose frost like sunscreen; neutral skin generally has no strict regulations; sixth, sunscreen can not be used before makeup, should be applied after using skin care products.

Precautions for sunscreen use

1. Applied part

When applying sunscreen, do not ignore the neck, chin, ears and other parts, so as to avoid uneven skin color.

2. Cleaning products

Be sure to clean up the sunscreen thoroughly every night, so don't take sunscreen to rest and sleep.

3. Use enough

Sunscreen is not effective when it is applied, but only when it reaches a certain amount can it exert its effect. Generally, when the amount of sunscreen applied on the skin is 2 mg / cm2, it can achieve the proper sunscreen effect. It should be noted that the SPF value cannot be accumulated. Two layers of SPF10 sunscreen have only one layer of SPF10 protection effect.

4. Do not mix different brands of sunscreen

Mixed use increases the possibility of skin allergies. The ingredients of different brands of sunscreen are inconsistent. If they are mixed and overlapped on the skin, they may cause mutual interference or rejection, reduce the sunscreen effect, and even cause skin allergy.

5. Keep in mind

If it is heated or exposed to the sun for a long time, the effect of sunscreen may be reduced. Do not use the deteriorated sunscreen cosmetics, because it not only reduces the sunscreen effect, but also is more likely to stimulate the skin.

6. Pay attention to the dead angle of sun protection

When applying ordinary sunscreen, the skin of eyes and lips also needs attention. But if there is no instruction, or use sunscreen for the eyes, do not use it on the skin around the eyes.