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What are the differences between the preserved eggs and the preserved eggs for us, it's very common. It's a kind of traditional Chinese egg product, which is also called preserved egg, changed egg, grey wrapped egg, wrapped egg, etc. The main raw material is duck egg. It tastes fresh, smooth and refreshing, slightly salty, with unique color, fragrance and flavor. But specifically, where are the benefits? Many people may not know. Let's learn about the nutritional value of the eggs!

The nutritional value of preserved egg is higher than that of fresh egg. Under the action of alkali, enzyme and microorganism, part of the protein in the egg is broken down into simple protein and amino acid, which increases the content of amino acid in the preserved egg. Some experiments show that the total amount of amino acid in no 100 g edible preserved egg is as high as 32 mg, which is 11 times of that in fresh egg (2.8 mg / 100g). Besides methionine, proline and lysine are not present, other amino acids are all better than fresh ones Egg height. The simple protein and amino acid are easy to be digested and absorbed by human body, thus improving the digestibility and absorption rate of preserved egg. At the same time, the hydrogen sulfide and ammonia formed by the decomposition of protein have a great effect on the formation of special flavor of preserved egg; some amino acids themselves are delicious substances, so preserved egg has a good flavor and can enhance people's appetite. In addition, sulfur interacts with iron and other metal elements and pigments in eggs to form the unique brilliant color of preserved eggs, which plays a great role in stimulating people's appetite.

The preserved egg also has certain tonic and disease eliminating efficacy. According to the reports of traditional Chinese medicine, preserved egg can appetizer, moisten throat and promote appetite, and also can 'relieve fever, sober up, remove large intestine fire, treat diarrhea, and disperse and collect'. If you add vinegar to mix food, it will help to treat hypertension, clear away heat and diminish inflammation, relieve summer heat and thirst, calm down and nourish the mind, warm up the body and other functions. In recent years, the developed "heat clearing and detoxifying preserved eggs", "blood nourishing preserved eggs" and the amount of lead, which is harmful to human body, decreased, while the content of zinc, iron, selenium and iodine, which are beneficial to human body, increased, further improving the nutritional value and curative effect of preserved eggs. Therefore, preserved eggs have higher nutritional value than fresh eggs.

The above content is about the introduction of the nutritional value of the eggs. I believe that after you read it, you will have a deeper understanding of the eggs! Preserved egg contains a lot of nutrients that are beneficial to human body. Although preserved egg is rich in nutrition, it is not suitable to eat more. I hope that friends who like preserved egg can pay attention to one day for the best.