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What's the meaning of No. 10? What does No. 10 represent

What's the meaning of No. 10? What does No. 10 represent the 2018 Russia world cup is in full swing, and some common knowledge about football is also concerned by everyone. Many friends find that most of the team leaders wear No.10 Jersey, so what's the meaning of No.10 Jersey? Let's have a look.

Is number 10 important

No. 10 is the soul of the team. He can be the organizer of the midfield, like Zidane, or the backbones of the defence, like Gianni and middot, Rivera, or the sharpshooter, like Ronaldinho. In short, No. 10 represents the core, the leader!

1. Midfield core, which is a football term that everyone knows well.

2. In my understanding, No. 10 is the core number of midfield. Looking back to the honor of No. 10, it was created by King Bailey. Back then, it was because of Bailey's genius that No. 10 was admired by more and more people;

3. More and more players wear No. 10 Jersey to make contributions to the team. More and more team leaders choose No. 10 as their logo..

4. No.10 in the modern football field should be the center of the team's midfield; it should be the link between the back field and the front field; it should be the initiator and organizer of the attack; it should be a fighter who can transmit and shoot with all-round skills.

5. Bailey, Maradona, Platini, Zico and Baggio have long seen the number 10 Jersey on the green field as a kind of honor and a symbol. Being able to wear the number 10 Jersey is like Maradona's team in Argentina in those days, which is a manifestation of strength, technology and confidence.

Xiaobian will sort out the No. 10 ownership of several national teams in detail.

1, Brazil

The glory of No. 10 comes from Pele, the king of the ball. Naturally, it starts from No. 10 in Brazil. As the winner of three South American football players, Zico was regarded as Bailey's successor at that time, and No. 10 naturally wore him. Then the No. 10 was crowned by Ronaldinho, who made the most of the world cup. Then Kaka, as the Brazilian midfield brain, inherited the glory of No. 10. Now the No. 10 of Brazil is known as Neymar.

2. Argentina

Argentina's No. 10 is carried forward in Maradona, and then Simone, Gonzalez and Riquelme have all worn Argentina's legendary No. 10 jerseys. Although Messi's performance in the international team has not been ideal, he still wears Argentina's glorious No. 10 jerseys as he wishes, hoping to be able to glory in Maradona one day.

3. Italy

Italy's famous players also have a unique preference for the No. 10 Jersey. Meacha, Facchetti, Rivera, Albertini, Zola, Baggio, Totti, Piero, Balotelli, Montolivo, drossi, dinatare and Giovinco have all worn the No. 10 Jersey to fight for Italy's glory.

4, France

When it comes to the greatest number 10 in France, Zidane is the only one. For a long time, no one dared to challenge the glory of the number 10 Jersey. Later Benzema put on the French team's No. 10 Jersey, let the legendary number reproduce his glory. By the way, in 1986, Platini took part in the Mexico world cup in France's No. 10 Jersey.