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The right way to take vitamin C effervescent tablets for children

Recently, a news came out that 18 months old children died of suffocation due to taking vitamin C effervescent tablets wrongly. As a result, a child who was only 18 months old died, shocking people. How to take vitamin C effervescent tablets correctly? What are the common wrong ways to take them?

Common mistakes of VC effervescent tablets

1. Put the vitamin C effervescent tablet into the water too hot: the water just picked up from the water dispenser is very hot, put the vitamin C effervescent tablet into the water, and when it dissolves, the water will slowly cool down, which is a 'time-saving trick' for many people. In fact, although the stability of effervescent tablets is very good, the vitamin C in the hot water above 80 ℃ will still have a certain loss, which is easy to be oxidized and decomposed. Therefore, the best way is to use 40 ℃ warm water.

2. Put too long: if your cup is large, you may drink a cup of vitamin C effervescent tablets all morning. If you expose it in the air for too long, it will also consume vitamin C. The amount of water used for effervescent tablets has little effect on the absorption of vitamin C. Therefore, about 200ml of boiled water or mineral water can be used each time, so as to finish drinking as soon as possible, and to be ready to drink.

3. Mixed drink: some people will use tea or drinks to make effervescent tablets, which may also bury safety hazards. Because the commonly used effervescent disintegrator is composed of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, and theophylline and other components contained in tea water will react with vitamin C or disintegrator. The beverage generally contains sodium benzoate, which also reacts with vitamin C to produce benzene, a harmful substance.

How to supplement vitamins

There are two main sources of vitamins, food and vitamin health products. Vitamins generally exist in all kinds of food. Therefore, in daily diet, as long as the diet is balanced, it can basically meet the demand of human body for vitamins. In general, it is not recommended to take vitamin health products. If you want to take vitamin health care products, you must also take them with the knowledge of the doctor, and pay special attention not to overdose and diet.

Regular vitamin distribution

1. Vitamin B: sunflower seeds, peanuts, soybeans, pork, Cereals, wild mushroom, Tricholoma matsutake, nuts, fish, eggs.

2. Vitamin A: in animal liver, eggs, dairy products, carrots, pumpkins, bananas, oranges and some green leafy vegetables.

3. Vitamin D: in cod liver oil, egg, margarine, milk and tuna.

4. Vitamin C: lemon, orange, apple, date, strawberry, pepper, potato, spinach.

5. Vitamin E: grain embryo, vegetable oil, green leaves.