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What are the advantages of brotherhood? Are brotherhood easier to gain happiness with the development and progress of the times, the occurrence of sibling love has been based on habit. More and more sibling love has gained happiness. Especially in the performing arts circle, sibling love is more common. Nowadays, sibling love seems to be really popular, and the "little sister effect" seems to be sweeping the world. In fact, it doesn't have to be a small combination of men and women. There are many advantages of brotherhood. So how about sibling love? What are the benefits of bringing sibling love to you today~

What are the advantages of brotherly love

1. Experience different love experiences

The experience of the male side is less than that of the female side, and there will be a kind of natural little man's mood. In this way, the natural maternal feelings of the female side will be more aroused, and more attention will be paid to the male side. And the maturity of the female side also makes the male side realize that girls of the same age are unruly and unruly, which is not what they like, and turn to appreciate the female side more.

2. Learn from each other and get along more harmoniously

Because the woman is older than the man, the social experience will be more than that of the man, and what the man needs most is experience, so at this time in this love, what the man learns will be of great significance and effect. Women need to learn more from men about new technology and new ideas. If two people can learn from each other and appreciate each other, then getting along with each other is more harmonious.

3. Small resources for men, women and adults are scarce

Nowadays, sibling love is very popular. Older men like young women. It is also a common phenomenon that older men like to look for young women. Since mature men like to look for young women, younger mature women can look for young men, so as to create different sparks.

4. Explore each other's passion

Because of the age difference, they are likely to grow up with different experiences. In fact, both sides are very willing to listen to the other half from different ages to narrate their childhood experiences. The passion to know each other is very strong, that is, like touching new things, curious to explore.

5. High quality of sexual relations

The peak of men's sexual maturity is about 18-20 years old, and then it develops steadily. After 30 years old, it begins to show a downward trend, and the decline will be more obvious at 40 years old. However, the peak of sexual maturity of women is much later than that of men, which usually reaches 35-40 years old. The decline period of sexual maturity of women basically occurs after menopause of about 50 years old. From this point of view, the love of "brother-in-law" can often have a good quality of sexual relations.

6. Love between brother and sister can make men and women equal

The older man has a macho plot. I hope you can listen to him and push all the trivial matters to you. But the younger man is more open-minded. I hope his other half can keep his hobbies and friends while taking good care of his family. Don't just revolve around him. So choose the one younger than yourself, but pay more attention to equality, so that love can last.

7. More time together

The effective life of men is generally lower than that of women due to the combined influence of living habits, working environment and work pressure. Because most men have bad habits such as smoking, excessive drinking, eating more, exercising less, sleeping less and so on, the average life span of most men will be lower than that of women for five to seven years, that is to say, most women have to bear the burden of being widowed for five to seven years after the death of the original couple (only for the original couple). Therefore, if a woman marries a man smaller than herself, she can make herself and the old The time spent together is roughly the same, or it doesn't need to spend too much time to remember their husband in the future. Roughly the same time spent together can make two people have more family ties.

8. Women are more humble

Most little women like to have sex. She's right, you're wrong; she's wrong, you're still wrong, and like to play for you and run away from home. And the woman who is older than you will use silence properly, understand the truth of stepping back to the sky and sea, and make you much easier. When a woman enters the stage of light mature daughter, she will radiate the maternal brilliance. She will be more tolerant to communicate with her younger boyfriend. If the young boyfriend does something wrong, she will feel that he is not sensible, laughs it off, and even feels a little cute.