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Wechat how to restore deleted chat records

Wechat how to restore deleted chat records now wechat has become a national level chat record. There are many relatives, friends, colleagues and partners in wechat, and there will be more and more chats. Sometimes an important message will be deleted by mistake, and the intestines will regret it. Can the chat record deleted by wechat be restored? How to recover? Don't worry, here is a tutorial for you to restore wechat chat records.

In fact, wechat records were accidentally deleted. There are several ways to restore them, but most of them need to download or install something. First of all, it's not safe, but the main thing is trouble! Let's first introduce a simple way to recover from your mobile phone and see if it can help you

Open wechat and see the add friends option in the '+' drop-down menu in the upper right corner of wechat

Click 'add friend' and enter 'recover' in the search box

After input, click search to see various repair options

Click the "chat record" option, confirm and repair

After the successful repair, exit and log in wechat again. Usually, if there are many wechat chat records, it is recommended to export and store wechat records from time to time for convenience and security.