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Shop geomancy taboo knowledge what are the business geomancy taboos in China, the quality of shops also has an important relationship with Fengshui. Many stores are mainly looking for shops facing south in order to avoid the sun exposure in summer and the cold wind in winter. If the shop faces north, it's also unimaginable for winter to come. Cold is a kind of evil spirit, which is too cold for business activities. So how to choose a geomancy treasure land suitable for your shop? Shop geomancy taboo knowledge what? Let's take a look with Xiaobian~

What is the knowledge of shop geomancy taboo

A good shop decoration can not only make the shop look more comfortable, but also make consumers more willing to go to the shop for consumption. It's easier to build a good shop and make business prosperous.

Sitting east to west, if the house is long, it will have bonus effect, and the color can be green, cyan or blue, which is more conducive to prosperity. However, it is forbidden to use round type or glass curtain wall, or even paint the outer wall into white series, which will lead to the appearance of being discouraged, which is not good for the house transportation, let alone the recruitment of wealth and fortune, which should be paid special attention to.

If the shape of the shop is a horizontal rectangle or square, and the berth is not deep enough, then you can set the cash register on the gas gathering position at the diagonal of the entrance. If you enter the door on the left, the cash register can be set at the right diagonal position. If you enter the door on the right, the cash register can be set at the left diagonal position. The height of the cash register should also be moderate. If the counter is too high, people will feel rejected. If it is too low, there will be no sense of security. Generally speaking, the height of the cash register can be 110 to 120 cm.

The best way to worship wealth is the two walls of the firm cause, because the symbol can rely on the mountain to ensure the worries behind, so as to store the wind and gather the gas. On the other hand, if there are transparent windows behind the wealth position, it is not only difficult to gather wealth, but also because of frustration, there will be a disaster of wealth.

The gate is the respiratory tract of the shop. It is convenient for the big shop to breathe. There is also a lot of people flowing in and out of the shop, increasing the anger.

In geomancy, it's said that "like whirling, don't rush straight". If you see an elevator when you enter, you should avoid it. If it has been decorated like this, it can block the view of the elevator with something.

Key points of shop geomancy decoration

How to make their own shops more popular, so as to make money widely? In geomancy, shop furnishing is a very important link. The key points of shop furnishing are as follows:

If the orientation of the shop is the Fengshui pattern of Wangcai, and the gate is in the center of the front square of the shop, this is the Zhuque gate of Wangcai. Moreover, it would be better if there were wide flat ground or pool at the gate. In front of the shop, if the vehicles and people flow from the right (white tiger Square) to the left, the shop door should be opened in front of the left (Green Dragon Square), so as to facilitate the opening of the door to absorb gas and attract wealth.

The purpose of commodity placement is to facilitate viewing and selection. At the same time, some commodities are placed at the exit of the escalator. In order to attract customers, in fact, such effect is not good from the point of view of "residential physiognomy", which should be placed 2 meters away from the stairway.

The restroom should not be placed in the position of wealth. It should be placed in the palace where the evil spirit flies. If the cashier and the bathroom are in the same room, needless to say, at least one of them is in the wrong place.

The role of air conditioning is also very obvious, can not be put in the fierce position, avoid putting in the five yellow evil position.

There should also be a free passage between the goods stored in the shop to facilitate the flow of air, facilitate the discharge of moisture, and facilitate the inspection and storage of goods. According to fengshui, if food is piled up in this way, it will make all around lively for maintenance. Indoor air circulation, to achieve the effect of yin-yang balance.

Shop geomancy should be avoided

1、 When the shop chooses the house site, it stresses to open the front of the house and accept the anger of all parties. According to this principle, when choosing the address of the shop, we should also consider the opening in front of the shop, which requires that there should be no obstructions, such as walls, electric poles, billboards and trees that are too large to cover. The opening in front of the shop door can make the shop face to the four sides, not only making the shop wide vision, but also making the customers and pedestrians in the far distance can see the pavement, so as to spread the commodity information of the shop management to the four sides, to the customers and to the pedestrians.

2、 The shop tries its best to face south in order to avoid the sun exposure in summer and the cold wind in winter. If the shop faces north, it's also unimaginable for winter to come. Cold is a kind of evil spirit, which is too cold for business activities. When the cold wind blows, the clerks suffer another kind of suffering. The ones who are in good health are the best. The ones who are in poor health may have to be cured. Although the clerks are wearing clothes and baking fire, the cold air is too heavy, which makes the clerks unwilling to move, slows down the flow of goods, and reduces the sales volume of goods.

3、 The shop should not face the "t" intersection, the end of the corridor or the tall building behind the elevator. We should also avoid the storefront of the ominous things, mainly referring to some buildings that are easy to make people feel psychological discomfort, such as chimney, toilet, cowshed, stable, funeral parlor, hospital, etc. the information brought by the ominous buildings is regarded as ferocious by Fengshui.

4、 The cash register of a shop is the place where money enters and exits. It cannot be set in a place with large flow of people, which will cause the loss of wealth. The back of the cash register should be a wall, not a passage, and the cash cabinet should be hidden.

5、 If fortune and longevity Samsung is placed in the wealth position in the shop, it will add more good luck. With this three-star blessing, no matter Fengshui or not, it is enough comfort in vision and psychology.