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June 20, 2018 World Cup group a Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia live address

At 23:00 p.m. on June 20, Beijing time, in the group a round of 2018 Russia world cup, Uruguay met Saudi Arabia in Rostov arena on the Dun river. This round of competition is of great significance for both sides.

Live time: 23:00, June 20

Live address: 5/

The two teams have a total of two fighting records, Saudi Arabia 1-1 draw to maintain unbeaten. The last time the two sides met was in a friendly in October 2014, when Saudi Arabia drew 1-1 with Uruguay.

Uruguay's number one star Luis Suarez didn't score in the first round. If there is no accident, he will start against Saudi Arabia, which will be his 100 milestone match for Uruguay's national team. Suarez has scored 51 goals and is Uruguay's top scorer.

Is it Uruguay joining hands with the host country to qualify for the knockout, or Saudi Arabia's desperate turnaround? Let's see you then!