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How about eating more oysters? How many oysters are suitable for one time

Oyster, also known as oyster, is a kind of common seafood, which has high nutritional value and is loved by the masses. In summer, it is a must order dish on the table. Some studies show that oysters, although nutritious and delicious, should not be eaten more. How many oysters are suitable for that day?

1. How about oysters

Oysters contain two destructive pathogens: Rotavirus and Vibrio cholerae. If you eat too much oyster norovirus may cause gastroenteritis. Vibrio cholerae can cause high fever, septic shock, skin ulcerative blisters and even fatal septicemia.

2. How much oyster is suitable

Although oysters have high nutritional value, it is not necessary to eat them every day. If it is really necessary, it is suggested that 100-150g per day is enough. 3 some oysters have bacteria. The oyster meat with shell opened will reproduce in large quantities two or three hours later. Therefore, for the sake of health, it is not recommended to eat it raw. It is better to cook it thoroughly before eating it.

3. Oyster effect

It can calm the mind, nourish the Yin and the Yang. It's soft and firm, loose the knot, and astringent. It is used for palpitation, insomnia, vertigo, tinnitus, phlegm, lump, night sweat, spermatorrhea, stomach pain and pantothenic acid. Calcined oysters are astringent. It is used for sweating, enuresis, stomach pain and acid swallowing.