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Attention, female friends! This is the most nutritious way to eat donkey hide gelatin

with the increasing pressure of life and work, many people will suffer from deficiency of Qi and blood. As the best nourishment for women, Ejiao has the effects of anti-aging, beauty and nourishing, blood nourishing and Yin nourishing, and is popular with women friends. How to eat donkey hide gelatin to be more nutritious?

How to eat the most nutritious donkey hide gelatin?

Donkey hide gelatin and egg soup

Ejiao egg soup is very useful. It can be used once a day in the morning to treat Yin blood deficiency and anti fatigue. At the same time, if pregnant women, then this soup is more appropriate, because it has a refreshing effect. First use boiled water to boil the donkey hide gelatin. The amount of donkey hide gelatin does not need much 5 to 10 grams. Then add the eggs and mix them evenly. Then boil them together to make egg flowers. At this time, add some bees.

Donkey hide gelatin milk

This is a simple but comprehensive way to eat. If you want to prepare a box of milk and then heat the milk, you can put it in the donkey hide gelatin, but note that the donkey hide gelatin here refers to the raw powder of donkey hide gelatin, about 5 to 8 grams, and then mix it together evenly, and then take it. It has the function of nourishing the face and strengthening the body. It can fully supplement protein and trace elements.

Black chicken soup with donkey hide gelatin

Ejiao black chicken soup is very suitable for women to drink, because it has the function of nourishing yin and complexion, nourishing blood and Qi. It is a beauty soup. Wash the black chicken and put it into boiling water to remove the blood clot, then pull it out, and then put it into clear water to add Ejiao, lean meat, red dates, osmanthus, etc. together into the stew. Cook it slowly with a small fire. After about two hours, add some oil salt seasoning It's ready to eat.

Ejiao is the treasure of traditional Chinese medicine. It can effectively improve the body's immunity and prolong life. It is generally recommended to eat Ejiao before meals. If there is no discomfort in eating Ejiao, it is generally recommended to eat it for a long time, so as to better play its role.