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What should pregnant women pay attention to in their diet and nutrition

Sihaiwang: for pregnant women, due to the increase of hormone level during pregnancy, there will be various adverse reactions, such as vomiting and dyspepsia, but for pregnant women, nutrition supplement is very important, so we should pay attention to eating some foods with high nutrient content. Once the nutrition fails to keep up, in addition to the relatively slow development of the fetus, expectant mothers People's body will also have a certain sense of weakness, so what should pregnant women pay attention to nutrition?

1. Not suitable for high sugar diet

Pregnant women with high blood sugar are prone to give birth to high weight fetuses, which also lead to congenital malformations and toxemia of pregnancy. A large number of medical studies have shown that excessive intake of sugar can weaken the immunity of the human body, reduce the resistance of pregnant women, and make them vulnerable to infection by pathogens and viruses, which is harmful to eugenics.

2. Not suitable for long-term high fat diet

During pregnancy, pregnant women need to increase the intake of fat properly, but if pregnant women eat high-fat diet for a long time, it will increase the risk of fetal cancer of the reproductive system. Eating high-fat food for a long time will increase the concentration of cholic acid and neutral cholesterol in the large intestine. At the same time, high-fat food can increase the synthesis of prolactin, promote the occurrence of breast cancer, which is harmful to the health of mothers and infants.

3. High protein intake should not be excessive

According to medical research, the lack of protein supply is easy to cause physical weakness of pregnant women, slow growth of fetus, slow recovery of postnatal health, and rare secretion of milk meter. Therefore, the daily protein requirement of pregnant women should be 90-100g. However, the long-term high protein diet during pregnancy will affect the appetite of pregnant women, increase the burden of gastrointestinal tract, and easily cause abdominal distention, loss of appetite, dizziness, fatigue and other phenomena.

During pregnancy, due to some weakness in the body, sometimes pregnant women will choose some warm tonics to supplement their health, such as ginseng, longan, lychee, etc., but these excessive consumption will cause burning constipation and other phenomena, so try to avoid using warm tonics during pregnancy. In addition, pregnant women should also pay attention to relax mentally, and take more walks in normal times.