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Why pregnant women are prone to anemia in our daily life, we often see some pregnant women have anaemia, mainly because the baby absorbs most of the nutrients from the mother's body, so there will be the problem of spleen deficiency. Therefore, during pregnancy, mothers need to supplement the body in time, but they can regulate the body through some food, so what food to eat is anaemia for pregnant women What are the benefits? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

Why pregnant women are prone to anemia

In the hospital, often see pregnant women are said to be anaemic, this is why? After the pregnancy, the baby needs enough nutrition, so it increases the demand of pregnant women for iron. Anemia is very normal for pregnant women. We need to supplement more vitamins and minerals, and pay attention to our body at all times.

Doctors often say that pregnant women are anaemic

Iron needs more

As we all know, iron is the basic element to make hemoglobin. The principle is that red blood cells containing hemoglobin are the main force to help us transport oxygen to other cells in the body. In other words, the lack of iron material will slow down our blood production.

When mothers are pregnant, their blood volume will increase by 30% - 45%. Therefore, pregnant women need to absorb more iron than ordinary people to synthesize hemoglobin for the extra blood volume.

Placenta and cord growth

In the process of baby development, iron is needed to meet the nutritional balance. As the baby grows, placenta and umbilical cord need a lot of iron.

Not enough iron stored

Most women don't store enough iron at the beginning of pregnancy to meet their increased iron needs. If you add that pregnant women are already partial to food or have chronic diseases such as menorrhagia, stomach disease and intestinal parasitosis.

The physical condition of pregnant mothers is very important. For many expectant mothers, anaemia is also a very normal thing. It is recommended that you do not eat too much at a time, and moderate drinking will not bring harm to the body. You should also pay attention to body digestion and choose the way of eating more than one day to nourish and recuperate the body.