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How to eat hawthorn with high nutritional value

Hawthorn is a very common food in our life. Hawthorn slice processed by Hawthorn has a good effect on dyspepsia, stomach and digestion. Fresh hawthorn is usually used to drink water. Hawthorn is rich in vitamin C, which can play a good role in our skin and health. So what are the effects and functions of Hawthorn skin?

Hawthorn skin is sour, sweet and mild, which can eliminate food, strengthen spleen, and promote qi and blood stasis. Abdominal pain, hyperlipidemia, amenorrhea, jaundice, diarrhea, testicular swelling and pain can be eaten.

Hawthorn effect:

1. Cancer prevention and anti-cancer: in recent years, it has been found that hawthorn is rich in a compound called Vitexin, which has anti-cancer effect. Nitrosamine and aflatoxin can induce the attack or aggravation of digestive tract cancer, but the experimental study shows that hawthorn extract can not only block the composition of nitrosamine, but also inhibit the carcinogenic effect of aflatoxin. Therefore, the high-risk group of digestive tract cancer should often eat hawthorn. For the patients who have cancer now, if they have dyspepsia, they can also use hawthorn and rice to cook porridge together, which can not only help digestion, but also play an auxiliary role in cancer prevention.

2. Strengthen the heart, reduce blood lipid and blood pressure: clinical research has proved that Hawthorn can significantly reduce serum cholesterol and triglyceride, which is useful for prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis; hawthorn can also strengthen the heart and prevent heart pain by enhancing the myocardial shortening force, adding cardiac output, expanding coronary artery blood vessels, adding coronary blood flow, reducing myocardial oxygen consumption, etc. In addition, the total flavonoids in Hawthorn can enlarge blood vessels and reduce blood pressure for a long time.

The above content briefly introduces the efficacy and function of Hawthorn skin for you. The friends who have seen it believe that they have a clearer understanding of Hawthorn skin. It can be seen that the whole body of hawthorn is treasure, and hawthorn skin is more effective in lowering blood pressure, treating jaundice and relieving testicular swelling and pain. There are also some places where Hawthorn skin will be sold for drying.