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What can food help digestion

Now people's living standards have improved, not only eating more, but also eating better. So some things are eaten more, or eating some things that are not digested, which is easy to cause indigestion of the stomach and intestines, and flatulence. What food can help digestion? Let's have a look.

Recipes to help digest

Wulong fresh shellfish soup

Ingredients: several fresh scallops, half white radish, half carrot root, 3 broccoli, 2-3 g oolong tea, appropriate salt.

Production method:

1. Wash and cut radish, carrot and broccoli into small pieces;

2. Boil the scallops in water for 5 minutes, then add white radish, carrot, broccoli and oolong tea. Add salt and boil for 2 minutes.

Function: it can eliminate accumulated food, clear away heat and detoxify.

Applicable population: people with anorexia and dyspepsia.

Chinese yam lotus seed black tea porridge

Ingredients: 50g yam, 15 lotus seeds, 100g japonica rice, 2G black tea, proper amount of crystal sugar.

Production method:

1. Peel the yam, put it into a plastic bag, pat it into pieces, then pour it out and chop it up. Clean the rice;

2. Boil the black tea and lotus seeds with water, then boil the rice and yam into congee, and put in the sugar.

Function: Nourishing Qi and Yin, anti-aging and reducing weight.

Applicable population: Patients with weakness and fatness.

Assorted green tea

Ingredients: several pieces of lean pork, 2 mushrooms (fresh), 4 foreign mushrooms, 3 Pleurotus, 2 abalone mushrooms, 1 carrot, 1 teaspoon green tea powder, 5-6 sections of scallion, appropriate amount of salt and thickening powder.

Production method:

1. Wash and slice all mushrooms and carrots;

2. Put the meat slices into the dry starch, add salt, blanch in boiling water until discolored, and then remove. Then blanch the mushroom in boiling water until it is half mature;

3. Put a proper amount of oil in the wok, stir fry the other slices except the meat slices, add green tea powder and meat slices, mix well, pour in 1 cup of boiling water or soup to make the flavor, that is, add the scallion, salt, thicken the sauce and start the wok.

Functions: Invigorating the spleen, appetizing the stomach, regulating blood fat and reducing blood pressure.

Applicable population: Patients with dyslipidemia, fatigue, dyspepsia and hypertension.

Eat these kinds of food to help digestion after a full meal

1. Barley tea

Barley tea has the functions of calming the stomach and relieving thirst, eliminating thirst and heat, and transforming the grain into food. It's good for food digestion, and it's also good for the color and the five internal organs. It's incomparably matched with Barley's flower language 'digestive yeast'. After a full meal, drinking some barley tea can relieve greasiness, remove spicy and help digestion.

2. Kiwifruit

Studies have shown that when people eat kiwifruit, the digestive capacity of pepsin will increase, which may also speed up the absorption of protein in the small intestine, so as to improve the overall utilization level of protein. This is mainly because kiwifruit alkaloid, a special component naturally produced in kiwifruit, can accelerate digestion and make protein more quickly and comprehensively absorbed.

3, pineapple

Pineapple contains special protease, which breaks down protein in the stomach, can supplement the deficiency of digestive enzyme in the human body and help digestion. Therefore, after a full meal, you can eat some pineapple to promote digestion.

4. Lemonade

Lemon is rich in citric acid, malic acid, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other nutrients. Soaking in water is conducive to the release of nutrients. Lemonade is good for digestive tract health, can stimulate secretion of gastric juice, help digestion, promote defecation, and clean intestines. Therefore, after a full meal, drinking a glass of lemonade can promote digestion, relieve dyspepsia, heartburn, flatulence and other symptoms.