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Drinking green tea can lose weight? These tea drinking mistakes must be known

Tea culture has a long history in our country, especially the ancients paid special attention to tea culture. The health preserving effect of tea has been highly praised by many people since ancient times, and it is a kind of cultural carrier that ancient literati prefer. But people have some misunderstandings about tea culture. Today's will show you some ideas.

Check the mistakes of tea drinking

Myth 1: caffeine in tea can be removed.

Make a cup of tea in 30 seconds, pour out the water, and then try again. It is said that it can remove caffeine from the tea, but there is no basis for this. If that's the case, it's not just caffeine that you're pouring out, but catechins and flavonoids that are extremely good for your body.

Myth 2: drinking green tea can reduce weight.

Some scientists speculate that caffeine in tea, together with catechins, which are highly reactive, can promote fat oxidation. However, the results are not consistent. Even if they do, they're weak. Half an Oreo cream chocolate chip cookie can make them fail.

Mistake 3: add milk to make tea lose health care function.

No other study has come to this conclusion. Scientists have been debating whether milk proteins inhibit flavonoids in tea.

Myth 4: black tea contains more caffeine than green tea.

Although some black teas have the words "refreshing" and green tea is called "Zen tea", the difference is that they are processed and their caffeine content is not affected. They have about the same amount of caffeine. Similarly, green tea is no healthier than black tea.

Myth 5: bags of tea are made of low-grade materials.

In fact, today's tea bags are made of high-quality leaf mesh bags. The quality of loose tea is better than that of bag tea, because the former has larger leaves, more room for expansion and more fragrant taste.

Myth 6: the hotel knows how to use tea.

If they offer you a cup of hot water with a tea bag floating on it, you need to press the tea bag down with a spoon by yourself. We should insist on putting tea bags first and then adding water. For green tea, soak in water for two or three minutes, according to the American tea association.

Health function of tea

Tea polyphenols, a chemical from tea. It has a strong antioxidant effect and can eliminate free radicals in the human body (this is a substance o that affects the normal physiological functions of various organs and causes aging. The antioxidant effect of tea polyphenols is related to the amount of hydroxyl. Green tea has a higher content of polyphenols, and its antioxidant effect is more than 5 times that of black tea. Therefore, green tea has a series of health functions such as avoiding arteriosclerosis.

Green tea is also considered to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, so tea polyphenols can prevent the occurrence of skin cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer and rectal cancer induced by chemicals.

Tea has a protective effect on teeth, because tea can inhibit the activity of glucose transferase, thus inhibiting the damage of bacteria on teeth. The fluorine in it also has the function of protecting teeth.