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How to do lumbago after driving for a long time? What are the ways to relieve backache driving for a long time will cause physical and mental fatigue for drivers. The harm of fatigue driving is very fatal. So how does waist ache after driving for a long time? Let's learn how to relieve the backache with Xiaobian!

According to the survey, the incidence of low back pain in car drivers is higher than that in other general occupations. The incidence rate of lumbar disc disease is 7%~13%. Drivers take the posture of sitting position, the waist is more stressed. At the same time, the vehicle is bumpy, the speed changes, and the waist is constantly being disturbed. In order to maintain a balance and fixed posture, the muscles must be adjusted continuously. Some muscles are always in a state of tight contraction, which is easy to cause fatigue and strain, and affect the stability of the lumbar spine. The aging process of lumbar facet joints, ligaments and intervertebral discs is accelerated, which is easy to induce lumbar process disease.

How to do lumbago after driving for a long time?

1. Driving to prevent back pain, pay attention to sitting posture

When driving in the right sitting position, the seat premise and cushion should be properly moved to the steering wheel, so that the steering wheel is as close to the chest as possible, while the knee joint flexes and exceeds the height of the hip joint. In this position, even if the driving time is longer, it is not easy to cause low back pain, it can also be padded with a small pillow 2-3 inches thick on the lower back. If you can get off the bus every hour, you may as well stop and exercise.

2. When driving for a long time, I feel unwell and go home to warm up my waist

People who drive for a long time often suffer from backache, which is caused by driving in one position for a long time or improper angle of back tilt of seat. Chinese massage can relieve this kind of discomfort, such as massage waist Yangguan point.

As the name suggests, Yaoyangguan point is located in the waist, and it is a common point for the treatment of lumbar diseases. After the self driving tour, those with waist discomfort can lie on the bed and apply hot towel at the waist Yang pass for 20-30 minutes. You can also ask relatives and friends to massage waist Yangguan points for 3-10 minutes at a time, which is helpful to improve the symptoms of waist pain.

3. Eat more two elements to prevent lumbago and leg pain

Two elements are vitamins and cellulose. Vitamin C, D and B are indispensable nutrients for human body. Drink some milk properly, and eat more rice bran, bran, carrots and other fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement. Expert research found that only 18% of the 60-90-year-old omnivores who are vegetarians all year round suffer from osteoporosis, and 30% of the others suffer from osteoporosis, which is the pathological basis of low back and leg pain.

4. Healthy seats need attention

When buying a car, you must pay attention to whether the seats are in good condition and whether the back can be supported well. When driving, seat and steering wheel height mismatch will cause back pain. At this time, keep the seat moving forward at a proper tilt angle, so that the knee can be higher than the hip, and at the same time, the right foot can not be fully extended is the correct position. When driving a long-distance bus, it is necessary to change the shape of the seat properly, and be able to get off the bus and move the muscles. The environment in the car can also affect the waist and back. Do not adjust the temperature of the cab too low. Air conditioning is more likely to cause low back pain for drivers with lumbar disc herniation.

5. More than two hours off

In view of the relatively narrow internal space of the general private car, as well as the high tension of the body and mind when driving, it is recommended to drive continuously for no more than two hours at most, and rest for 10 minutes every other hour. Getting off the car for a walk and moving the waist can promote the blood circulation of the whole body, relax the muscles of the waist and back, and effectively reduce the incidence of low back pain.

In addition, all driving activities are strictly prohibited for patients with lumbago or disc herniation during the acute attack period; after rest and treatment, the symptoms are relieved, and it is also recommended to avoid driving for a long time. When driving, it is necessary to wear a hard waist circumference. In the bumpy and uneven road conditions, you can slow down as much as possible to avoid aggravating the lumbar disc herniation and inducing lumbocrural pain again.

6. Do massage and massage when you have time

Massage can stimulate muscles and tissues, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, relieve muscles and nerves, and help bone marrow and muscles absorb nutrients and vitamins. All of these will make the back stronger and stronger, so that the pain can't take advantage of it. Targeted massage and correction can also reshape the light body, improve muscle tension or spasm. Although it can't be reimbursed by medical insurance, it's worth a try if you have the chance.

7. Do exercises when waiting for lights in traffic jam

I'm afraid every 'motorist' has the experience of being in a traffic stream that can't be seen at a glance, and the long wait is getting more and more annoying. Sitting in the car, back pain, which makes people more anxious. Why don't you turn on the soothing music in the car when you are in traffic jams and other lights, sit upright, hold your chest and abdomen, and do health exercises as soon as possible.

8. Check bed

Sleeping is not as good as standing. It is very important to protect the spine and lumbar disc when sleeping. High quality mattresses should not be soft or hard, which will not hinder sleeping and turning over, so as not to cause any burden on the back. It's better to go to the shop for professional advice.

9. Knead Achilles tendon before going to bed

Kneel on the bed first, and then knead the Achilles tendon above the heel with the thumb and middle part of the index finger of both hands. When kneading, you can use a little force, often this kneading can relieve the backache symptoms.

10. Emergency cold compress

If it hurts so much that you can't move, what should you do? In case of sudden stabbing pain, the doctor suggests cold compress and temporarily paralyze the nerves. If the pain is not enough, it's better to go to the hospital. Usually, some anti-inflammatory drugs will be prescribed, which will take effect soon. If it's not good after four courses of treatment, you have to consider surgery.

The above are some ways to relieve back pain. Driving for a long time is very harmful to the body. The driver's friends should pay more attention to their own health.