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How to use the treadmill correctly now more and more people are paying attention to fitness. The most common thing is running, among which treadmill is the most common. So when novices use treadmill, they need to pay attention to the following items: eat something before training: fasting exercise is easy to cause sports anemia, drink a glass of juice before exercise, or eat a banana, which can make you exercise physically, but not physically Eat junk food, such as doughnuts. Otherwise, you may be exercising for nothing.

Choose quick start mode: a set of program is preset for a good running opportunity. When you are running, you just need to input data according to the prompts, and you can choose different exercise methods, such as' fat reduction mode ',' cardiopulmonary function mode ',' mountaineering mode ',' random mode ', etc. Among them, the quick start mode can adjust the intensity of exercise at any time, which is suitable for beginners.

Pay attention to the body position: stand in the middle of the running belt. It's easy to step on the base too far in front, and it's easy to be thrown out too far back. Of course, do not deviate.

Start with walking: it is recommended to start with a walking speed of 4-6 km / h and gradually transition to running. In addition, fast walking can make more use of fat for energy supply, and the effect of fat reduction is relatively better.

Stop slowly: Although you're trying to move forward, your body is still in place, which confuses your brain, so you may feel dizzy just after you get off the treadmill. If you slow down gradually, it won't happen.