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Did the South Korean goalkeeper make up for the world cup? Who is the South Korean goalkeeper for th

June 19 news, last night's World Cup South Korea team lost to Sweden 0-1 in the first battle, but South Korean goalkeeper Zhao Xianyou succeeded in the competition. On the one hand, he performed well, and what's more surprising is that his face was white, thick eyebrows and small eyes seemed to be made up, as well as his firm and immovable hair style for 90 minutes, which made netizens envious.

Zhao Xian You

Zhao Xianyou, 26, was only the third goalkeeper of the South Korean team before. He was not as qualified as Jin Chengkui and Jin Zhenxuan in the team until the warm-up game of Serbia before the world cup. However, he was quite appreciated by the winning coach Shen Tailong. He was promoted to the main goalkeeper in the first World Cup.

He came from FC Daegu in K League. He played as a centre back at the beginning of his career. In 2015, he was selected by stiglick to the South Korean national team, but he didn't play. In 2016, he helped the team to upgrade from the K2 League and was elected the best goalkeeper of K League in 2017. Manager Shen Tailong has said many times: 'Zhao Xianyou is the hope of South Korea team in the future. The child is hard-working, hard-working and good-natured. I know he will succeed! "