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What kind of anaemia do you eat and what kind of blood tonic effect is good under the concept of "thin is beautiful" in China, many women are thin for the sake of beauty. In this way, they are more or less suffering from anemia. Their faces are dim, pale and haggard, light is dizzy, heavy is heart failure. However, some anemia is caused by the wrong diet. So what are the mistakes of diet that can easily lead to anemia today?

Take stock of the eating mistakes that easily lead to anemia

Myth 1: eating more meat is bad for your health?

Some women are misled by the general advertisement that meat is harmful to health. They only pay attention to the health care effect of plant food, which leads to less intake of animal food rich in iron. In fact, animal food is not only rich in iron, but also has a high absorption rate of 25%. The absorption rate of iron in plant food is very low, about 3%, because of the interference of phytate and oxalate. Therefore, avoiding meat is easy to cause iron deficiency anemia. In daily diet, the intake of fruits and vegetables and meat should be balanced.

Myth 2: vegetables and fruits are not good for iron?

Many people don't know that eating more vegetables and fruits is also good for iron supplement. This is because vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin C, citric acid and malic acid. These organic acids can form complexes with iron, thus increasing the solubility of iron in the intestine, which is conducive to the absorption of iron.

Error 3: anemia improved to stop taking iron?

Anemia according to the doctor's instructions, take iron, see the improvement or stability of anemia, that is, stop taking, which is also the wrong way. This can lead to anemic conditions again. The correct way is to take iron to treat iron deficiency anemia, and continue to take iron for 6 to 8 weeks until the anemia is stable, so as to supplement the stored iron in the body.

Myth 4: how much does egg and milk benefit the anaemic?

Milk is nutritious, but the iron content is very low, and the absorption rate of human body is only 10%. For example, infants fed with milk, if parents neglect to add complementary food, often lead to iron deficiency anemia. The iron content of yolk is high, but its iron absorption rate is only 3%, which is not a good iron supplement. Some proteins in eggs inhibit the body's absorption of iron. Therefore, although the two kinds of food that parents often give their children are rich in nutrition, they are not enough to supplement iron. However, the animal liver not only has high iron content, but also has an absorption rate of more than 30%, which is suitable for iron supplement. In addition to physiological characteristics, there are some misunderstandings and behavior habits in women's diet, which will lead to iron deficiency anemia.

How can alleviate anaemia?

1. Increase appetite, pay attention to cooking methods

Many people are paying attention to what the elderly anemia eat. In fact, the elderly anemia not only needs to pay attention to the content of food, but also needs to pay attention to the cooking methods of food. Because anaemic old people can have no appetite and dyspepsia commonly.

Suggestion: in food cooking, in addition to pay attention to the color, fragrance and taste, we should also make the food soft and rotten to facilitate digestion. In order to reduce the gastrointestinal burden of anemia patients, it is not suitable to eat spicy and cold food. Drink less strong tea. You'd better not use aluminum pot to cook. At the same time, we should eat less and eat more. After dinner, we should lie flat for 30 minutes to promote digestion.

2. Eat more high protein diet with iron

A high protein diet rich in iron can provide sufficient raw materials for making red blood cells and hemoglobin.

Suggestions: high protein diet rich in iron, such as animal liver and kidney, lean meat, animal blood products, soybean products, fish, shrimp, poultry, fungus, dairy products (yogurt, milk, cheese), sesame, etc. Especially animal blood products, such as pig blood and duck blood, are easy to digest and absorb, which is very suitable for the elderly to treat anemia.