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How much does it cost Russia to host the 2018 World Cup

We all know that hosting a world cup requires a lot of energy, not only do not spend high cost, human and material resources, but also a lot of national strength. The 2018 World Cup is in progress, how much did Russia spend to host the world cup? How much can I make? If you are interested, let's get to know with Xiaobian.


Let's take a look at the profit comparison between the last Brazil world cup and Beijing Olympic Games. FIFA's revenue of Brazil world cup is as high as 4.8 billion US dollars, and its net profit is 2.6 billion US dollars, that is to say, its cost is 2.2 billion US dollars. In the Beijing Olympic Games, the IOC's revenue totaled $3 billion, and its net profit was barely $1.5 billion, that is to say, its cost accounted for half of the total.

By the end of 2017, the Russian government had invested 634 billion rubles in this world cup, and another 100 billion rubles in 2018. According to the average exchange rate from 2013 to 2017, it reached 16 billion US dollars, becoming the 'most expensive World Cup in history'. In 11 host cities, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and Yekaterinburg, Russia has implemented 218 projects, including venues, airports, hotels and TV broadcasting centers. So why does the world cup have such a high gold absorption capacity?

In the past five years, just in the preparation stage, the world cup has brought 14 billion US dollars to Russia's economy, accounting for 1% of GDP. It's just before the game!

Real fans need to experience the passion of football on the spot.

The tickets have been sold 90% by the end of May and will be shared by host Russia and FIFA.

Short term stimulus: Tourism

Since the second half of last year, orders for city hotels hosting the world cup have continued to increase, with St. Petersburg and Moscow as the venues for the semi-finals and finals, and hotel rooms even more popular. In addition to hotels, the number of international flights to Russia during the world cup was more than twice that of last year. In order to earn enough money for tourism, Russia has implemented a one month free policy for World Cup ticket holders!

Commercial sponsorship

The event is specific. The football World Cup only has football, which is conducive to more accurate output of the sponsor brand; the event cycle is long, which is simply too tempting for the sponsor.

FIFA's World Cup sponsors are divided into three levels:

The first level: global partners, from 120 million US dollars, limited to 6-8 players, with the authority to carry out global promotion (promotion in all aspects can be carried out at any time, at any place), enjoy all the advertising rights and marketing rights of all FIFA events, participate in some FIFA projects related to football development, and use the logo of FIFA 8 years;

The second level: FIFA World Cup sponsors, starting from US $68 million, with a quota of 6-8, have the right to carry out global promotion, enjoy the rights and interests of all sponsors directly related to this world cup, and use the logo of FIFA (but only limited to the relevant trademarks of FIFA World Cup and the federation cup), with a term of 4 years;

The third level: sponsors of the host countries of the world cup, starting from US $12 million, with a maximum of 20 places, can and can only promote and promote in their own countries and this world cup. It belongs to the welfare of the host countries, and can use the logo of FIFA, but only during this world cup.

A world cup can bring so many benefits to the host country and FIFA. The small football rotating on the screen is a real money printing machine! Russia and China have only 5 hours time difference, that is to say, most of the World Cup matches will be held before the early morning of Beijing time. In summer, it's the golden time for fans and friends to watch the game. In this world cup, fans and friends don't need to get up in the middle of the night, and they are afraid of influencing their families and their work the next day. Let's go Have a good look at the world cup! This summer, no matter whether you are a real fan or a fake fan, no matter whether your favorite team or star finally has group qualification, has entered the top 16, top 8, top 4, semi-finals, has won the championship, let's just worry about it.