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Why does Russia's 2018 World Cup not have the old strong team America? the 2018 Russia world cup has been launched. In the next month's World Cup, 32 teams will compete for the world cup. However, many fans have expressed why the world cup's strong team, the United States, is not eligible for the 2018 Russia world cup? Let's review why the United States missed the world cup.

Why doesn't Russia have America in the world cup?

In the final round of the World Cup qualifier in North America and the Caribbean, the United States team, ranking the third with 12 points, was eliminated from the field by Trinidad and Tobago, which was ranked the bottom, and was unable to compete in the 2018 Russia world cup.

As a traditional strong team in North America and the Caribbean, no one expected that the United States would play so hard in the World Cup qualifier, with a record of 3-3-4.

Most regrettably, the United States team only needs to get 1 point in Trinidad and Tobago, which is out early, to enter the world cup, but unexpectedly, it was killed by a controversial ball, and failed to make it to the world cup.

Some fans joked that the Americans didn't want to go to Russia, so they deliberately lost the chance.