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What is the name of the world cup? What is the material of the world cup

What is the name of the world cup? What is the material of the world cup

The first World Cup trophy is the Rimet cup. FIFA stipulates that any country can keep the Rimet cup forever if it wins three World Cup titles. In 1970, Brazil became the first team to win three World Cup titles. Since then, Brazil has kept the Rimet cup forever. Therefore, FIFA needs to make a new trophy for the 1974 World Cup.

In 1971, out of a total of 53 works in seven countries, Italian sculptor Silvio & middot; gazanica's idea was selected, and the 'Hercules Cup', which symbolizes the highest honor in football, was born.

The trophy, which is still in use today, is 36 cm high and weighs 6175 grams. It is made of 18K gold, and its base is inlaid with two circles of black green malachite.

Gasaniga, the designer of the Hercules cup, describes his work as follows: 'several curves extending from the base are spiraling upward, all the way to the earth shape at the top. As the main body of the statue, the shape design of the two athletes fully shows the exciting moment of victory. '

In other words, after the world cup in 2038, the Hercules cup will be retired and replaced by a new generation of trophies.

As for the image of the cup, designer gazaniga described it as follows: 'the line starts from the base and extends upward, and rises in a spiral curve. The image of the two athletes also emerges. They extend their bodies upward and lift the whole earth, which is a sign of brilliance and glory. 'on the base of the trophy, the name of the champion team has been engraved on it since 1974. The trophy has enough space to accommodate all the champion team names up to the 2038 World Cup. At first, the trophy cost about $50000, and it was valued at $10 million. The official name of the trophy is FIFA World Cup, but according to the image of two athletes holding up the earth, many people are used to calling it the "Hercules Cup". Similarly, the Rimet cup, which was used before 1974, has the nickname of "goddess Cup" because of its image as Greek goddess of victory Nikai.