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How to wash and protect cashmere clothes

It's better to wash cashmere by hand,

With special detergent,

Or use a mild detergent such as shampoo.

Cashmere washing is also different from ordinary sweaters.

Give you a set of five words:

"Warm, clap, squeeze, suck and spread".


When washing,

The water temperature should be about 30-35-deg,

It's right to feel it with your hands when it's not hot or cold


The water temperature is adjusted. Put in detergent,

Then turn the inside of the sweater out and press it into the water slowly,

Until the clothing is completely soaked, it needs to be soaked for 15-20 minutes.


In particular, I would like to remind you that,

Cashmere items must not be rubbed~

Strong rubbing will deform the texture of cashmere,

If there's a particularly dirty place,

Tap with your hand until the dirt is removed.


After washing, you can't squeeze out the water by twisting the hemp,

This will also deform cashmere.

The right way to do this is to squeeze out excess water with light pressure,

Or use the edge of the basin to squeeze out excess water,

Like this.


The cashmere is still very wet,

In order to let it dry as soon as possible,

Next it's time to go into the 'suck' step.

First, lay a towel with strong water absorption capacity,

Unfold the washed cashmere on the towel,

Roll up the towel a little bit and squeeze it a little bit,

Let the towel absorb as much moisture as possible from the cashmere.


Finally, choose a ventilated place to spread and dry in the shade.


If you wash it by yourself, you'd better use a special cashmere detergent.

How to store sweaters

For cashmere sweater, which is elastic and changeable,

The best way is to stack it. It's simple, convenient and doesn't take up space,

It's also a way for people to store clothes.

Plus a special cashmere storage bag,

It's not only moisture-proof but also odor resistant,

The sealing band design can also be used repeatedly

If there is no special storage bag,

It's OK to use a newspaper bag.

It's not that sweaters can't be hung, it depends on how

There must be a lot of sweaters in the closet that are deformed by hangers,

Especially for the young people who don't pay attention to maintenance,

When I look at my heartache,

Can only silently swallow this do not understand the loss of maintenance and storage.

Most of the problems are in the process of drying clothes,

If it's hung like ordinary clothes, it's strange that it doesn't deform~

Heavy sweaters hang down because of gravity,

It's easy to deform in a long time,

Loss of elasticity. Shoulder position is always pushed out of a small angle,

It's hard to get back to the original for a long time.

No matter what material and style,

Whether it's in the sun or in normal storage,

Sweaters have a common care tips:

Never hang up like you usually do!

The best way to dry the sweater is to lay it out in a well ventilated place.

Of course, sweaters can also be hung.

Here's a simple and easy to learn skill to hang a sweater,

We tried it. It works.

In this way, hanging sweaters is not easy to deform, but also faster than spreading.

First, fold the sweater in half,

Put the hanger hook under the armpit of the sweater, like this

Then fold up the sleeve of the sweater and put it through the hanger

On the other side, the hem of the sweater also folds up, and goes through the hanger as well

Finally, lift the hanger hook directly, and the sweater will hang stably~

When you store it, you should also choose to fold it,

In order to avoid vertical deformation due to gravity during hanging.

There's also a popular problem with pilling

In fact, sweaters are easy to pillage after wearing for a long time.

Even the best quality cashmere sweater can't avoid this problem.

In fact, as long as it's not too hard to play,

Basically, it's not too big a problem.

A lot of people say that cashmere sweater is not because of its poor quality~

Not at all.

This is determined by the characteristics of cashmere, don't care too much~

A summary or something

You remember to form a good habit of major,

Look at the laundry label before you do the laundry,

Follow the label. That's right.