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How to choose strawberries? How to clean and keep fresh the selected strawberries

Strawberry has a sweet and sour taste, refreshing fragrance, high nutritional value. Some friends' gastrointestinal function is not very good. They often feel bad appetite before meals. You can choose to eat some strawberries before meals, which can alleviate the poor appetite. It is important to know that strawberry has many functions besides sour and sweet taste, such as regulating stomach and anemia.

Eat strawberries before meals to relieve your poor appetite:

In case of abdominal distension and poor appetite, 60 grams of grass poison can be taken before meals, three times a day;

When gingival bleeding, sore mouth and tongue, little urination and yellow color, 60 g fresh strawberries can be mashed and taken with cold boiled water three times a day.

Stewed fresh strawberry and iced sugar

Dry cough without phlegm, long time does not heal, 6 grams of fresh strawberries and 30 grams of rock sugar can be used to stew together, 3 times a day;

In case of hot and dry cough, sore throat and hoarseness, fresh strawberry fruit can be used to wash and extract juice, and one cup each morning and evening.

Tips for choosing strawberries in winter

Step 1: look

Fresh strawberries are not very big, and their appearance is bright. It seems that there is a layer of wax on them. The wax quality is very good, and the flower holder is also very good. Not fresh strawberries will give people a feeling of wet dada, buttocks are larger, and flower holders are curly. These can be distinguished by our naked eyes, so we should pay attention to observation and differentiation when purchasing.

Step 2: smell

Fresh strawberries will have a fragrant fragrance, and fresh strawberries will smell fishy and make people feel sick. Such strawberries can't be purchased to avoid being sick.

Step 3: taste

Fresh strawberries are crispy, full of fragrance and juicy. The fresh strawberries are soft to eat, and the fragrance is not very heavy. They feel like eating vegetables.

How to clean strawberries

1. First of all, wash the strawberry with running water for several minutes to remove most of the pathogens, pesticides and other pollutants on the surface. Note: do not immerse in the water first, so as not to dissolve the pesticide in the water and then be absorbed by strawberry, and penetrate into the inside of the fruit.

2. Soak strawberries in the rice washing water (the first rice washing water should be used) and the light salt water (half spoon salt in one basin of water) for 3 minutes. Their functions are different. The alkaline rice washing water can decompose pesticides; the light salt water can make the insects and eggs attached to the surface of strawberries float, which is easy to be washed away by water, and has a certain disinfection effect.

3. Then wash the rice washing water, light salt water and possible residual harmful substances with flowing tap water. Rinse with clean water (or cold boiled water) once.

In addition, we need to remind you not to remove the strawberry stalk before washing, so as not to let pesticides and pollutants penetrate into the fruit through the 'wound' during the soaking process, but cause pollution.