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What if the washing machine is dirty? How to keep the washing machine clean

Sihaiwang: washing machine is an essential electrical appliance in our life. Washing machine is closely related to our life, more directly affects our quality of life and health. So the sanitation of washing machine is closely related to our health. So how to keep the washing machine clean? How to clean the washing machine? Let's take a look with Xiaobian!

According to home appliance professionals, washing machines should be cleaned every two years or so. You can ask a professional washing machine cleaning company to clean the dirt inside the machine. Usually, you can use special detergent for washing machine to clean at home.

How to clean the washing machine?

When using the washing machine, at first sight, you will feel that the washing barrel is very clean, but many people don't know that there is a coat barrel on the outside of the washing barrel when washing clothes. The washing water goes in and out in the middle of these two layers, and the water is discharged in the interlayer. If you pull out the washing barrel, you will find that there are a lot of dirt accumulated in the interlayer. Not only does not cleaning the washing machine for a long time do harm to your health and your family's health, but it also gives off peculiar smell. How to clean the washing machine?

First, turn on the washing machine and fill in enough water. Pay attention that the water level cannot be lower than the maximum water level. Then put in a certain amount of detergent or detergent for washing detergent (the liquid solvent should be above 200ml, and the solid solvent should be above 200g). When everything is ready, turn on the washing key of the washing machine, and let the washing machine idle for 5 minutes, so that the detergent can be fully dissolved. 5 minutes later, cut off the power supply of the washing machine, and let the detergent soak in the washing barrel for three or four hours, so as to make the dirt in the washing machine fall off. Finally, rinse the washing machine twice, so as to clean all the detergents in the washing machine. Generally 3 months is the best time for washing machine cleaning.

Washing machine cleaning method:

The clothes are dirty. You can use the washing machine to clean them. But the washing machine is dirty. What should I do? Who can rest assured to wash clothes with a washing machine that conceals dirt? Don't worry, just use a little detergent for washing machine to clean the dirt accumulated in the washing machine for a long time.

The cleaning method is very simple. First, add the clean water to the high water level, and the machine will operate for 5 minutes to fully dissolve the detergent. The heated drum washing machine can be heated to 40 ℃, turn off the power supply of the washing machine and soak for at least 1 hour, and then clean the body according to the daily washing mode. After stopping, a large number of dirt fragments will be seen floating on the water surface. In this way, it is difficult to accumulate dirt in the machine after cleaning every other month.

In addition, do not close the door of the washing machine as soon as the washing is finished. Ventilate the machine to keep it dry, which can prevent scale and mildew.