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Why do men get fat as soon as they reach middle age the most common thing men hear is that "people get fat in middle age", and getting fat also means happiness. But being fat is not good for your health. It is necessary for a man to keep fit in middle age. So how can exercise prevent men from getting fat? Let's take a look at seven sports to prevent men from getting fat.

1. Back kick

The rear kick can exercise the hip, thigh and abdominal back muscles. First, kneel down on your knees, then straighten your arms and support them on the ground. Then lower your head, let your left knee move towards the nose tip, then raise your head, and at the same time, kick your left leg back and up. The height of the kick depends on your comfort. Repeat it several times and then change your legs.

2. Lateral leg press

This exercise can move the inside of the thigh and improve the contour of the leg. First lie down on the right side, then support your body with your right hand, put the left leg in front of the right leg, then start to lift the right leg on the side, repeat 15 times, and then turn the side, lie on the left side, lift the right leg, repeat left and right several times.

3. Pedaling

Pedaling exercise can exercise the legs, but also flat abdomen. First lie down on your back, then support your body with your hands and elbows, bend the knees of your right leg, close to your chest, then stretch out your legs so that they are 15 cm away from the ground. At the same time, bend up your left leg and take it back to your chest, then take back your right leg, and then extend your left leg. This is like pedaling. Keep doing it for a long time.

4. Puppet movement

This puppet movement is mainly aimed at upper arm and waist abdomen. First stand straight, then spread your feet, raise your arms and hands horizontally, bend your elbows, point your left finger up and your right finger down, then lean your body to the left, your right hand up, your left hand down, and your body to the right at the same time. Do it several times in turn.

5. Squat movement

Squatting exercise can exercise the hip and thigh as well as the back. First, stand well, open your feet, bend your knees slightly, then tighten the muscles of your abdomen and hip, squat down until you reach the lowest point, then hold the posture for 2 seconds, and then get up. Repeat the squat several times.

6. Flexion movement

Stand up straight, spread your legs, keep your arms close to your hips, keep your back straight, bend your body forward from your hip joint, and count from 1 to 15.

Then bend the body further so that the hands can catch the calves, but pay attention to keep the legs straight, then bend forward, try to make the hands touch the ground, and then count from 1 to 10.

7. Side leg lift

Side leg lifting can move the hip joint. First, kneel down on the right knee, then support your hands on the ground, then straighten the left leg to the side of the body, then lift the left leg, then lower it, repeat for 4 times, then change to the right leg for the same action, and take turns to do more times on the left and right legs.

Warm tip: the above are the seven sports to prevent men from getting fat. I hope they can help you. The physical condition of middle-aged men will not be as good as before, so it is very important to strengthen exercise, not only to maintain body shape, but also to enhance physical fitness.