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What is the first Oolong in the history of the world cup? The first Oolong in 2018

The 2018 World Cup is in full swing. To say what's the most sensational news today is the world cup own goal. The world cup has the own goal almost every season. Watching the last World Cup, the own goal will come faster. In the opening match between Brazil and Croatia, the first own goal will come in the 11th minute.

At 23:00 on June 15, 2018 Beijing time (18:00 local time in St. Petersburg), a match in group B of the world cup was held in the St. Petersburg stadium. Iran narrowly beat Morocco 1-0, and Iranian striker Azmon missed a single shot before half-time. In the 95th minute, bauhaduz won in the risk of Ukraine and Iran, which is Iran's first victory in the World Cup finals in 20 years.

After the game, the 87 year old lost his voice and cried bitterly. It was very pitiful to see the painful appearance of bauhaduzi, and he could see his deep remorse and regret. As for the oolong, do you know the origin of the earliest Oolong?

It is reported that the earliest record of Oolong ball comes from England. Sky sports station still keeps a video of an FA Cup match today. This commemorative video shows the birth of a weird oolong. At that time, heizweil, who played for the junior league team green forest, found the ball rolled to his feet in the small restricted area. Instead of making a big foot, he made a 180 degree turn to drive the ball into his own goal.

Anyway, the 2018 World Cup will continue. What wonderful moments will be waiting for us in the future? Qiyou accelerator and you look forward to!