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What kind of sports can help children grow up? What kinds of sports can help children grow up physical health is very important for anyone, and only by paying attention to their living habits at ordinary times and actively exercising can we keep healthy. In addition, for some young children, through some active sports, it is also conducive to physical and mental development and physical growth. So, what sports can help children grow up? For the method of body height, let's take a look at the introduction below.

The secret of growing tall:

1. Ensure 20-40 minutes of vertical movement every day.

To grow tall, first of all, we should exercise. Exercise is one of the magic weapons for children to grow tall. Sports must be grasped from childhood and in infancy, so that children can form the habit of sports. At the same time, the types of sports should also be selected. Longitudinal sports are good for children's growth. For example, high jump, basketball, upward jump and so on. Limb extension sports are also good for children's growth, such as swimming. Weightlifting and other sports are not good for children's growth.

Exercise time must also be controlled, and attention should be paid to the right amount. Parents must urge their children to have at least 20-40 minutes of effective exercise time every day. It's better for children to sweat, have fever and have rosy complexion.

The sports that can promote height growth are: pull up, basketball, volleyball, jumping, rope skipping, shuttlecock kicking and swimming.

2. Semi starvation tends to grow higher.

In terms of diet, children must be guaranteed adequate nutrition. There are two critical periods for a child's growth: infancy and adolescence. To ensure that children have a balanced intake of nutrients every day, especially the appropriate supplement of animal protein, because protein deficiency will directly affect height growth; therefore, at least 200 ml of milk, an egg and a proper amount of all kinds of meat, Cereals, fruits and vegetables should be guaranteed every day.

What can exercise improve the body? In fact, as long as some suitable sports can help the height of the body, such as simple running, playing basketball, playing football, swimming and so on. In addition to sports, we should also pay attention to the scientific diet, supplement adequate nutrition every day, and arrange meat and vegetable food more reasonably.