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Blessings of Dragon Boat Festival 2018

Dragon Boat Festival is our traditional festival with a very long history. It's a very important festival in summer. How to send blessing messages to relatives and friends on Dragon Boat Festival? How to write the blessing of Dragon Boat Festival? Come and have a look.

How to say the blessing words of Dragon Boat Festival

It's not just Dragon Boat Festival, everyone is used to sending friends circle to celebrate it. Wechat friends circle and QQ space can send some simple blessing words with pictures to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival.

1. Best regards, 'Zong' is inseparable from you! Dragon Boat Festival, I wish you no worries disappear, career 'Zong' is success, life 'Zong' is happiness, family 'Zong' is happiness, everything 'Zong' is wishful thinking!

2. From May 5, the festival is Dragon Boat Festival. Full of heart words, send you really blessing. Career development, such as the day at noon. Money is rolling in, money is endless. He is stronger than tiger. Good luck, you are the one!

3. One zongzi, one heart, two jujube red prospects, three Zongye wheels of good luck, four threads of tight feeling, five edges and corners clearly defined, six or six auspicious smooth, seven stars high auspicious around, eight to fortune. Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

4. Send you a wreath made of Wormwood Leaves, wish you youth, beauty and fragrance; send you a sachet full of blessings, wish you peace and health; let dragon boat take my greetings, let dragon boat take my thoughts, wish you the Dragon Boat Festival sweet in your mouth, beauty in your heart.

5. Layers of zongzi leaves, layers of fragrance, thick rice, red dates, hot zongzi and festivals. To Dragon Boat Festival again, wish you happy!

6. Ride the dragon boat, ride the wind of happiness, break the wave of good luck in the world; hang the wormwood leaf, drive away the worry and loneliness of a year, accept the wealth and auspiciousness of a lifetime; eat zongzi, taste the taste of happiness in the four seasons, and wrap up the health hope of a year. Dragon Boat Festival is here. I wish you good health and good luck!

7. At the Dragon Boat Festival, zongzi incense and large zongzi will give you a taste. I wish you a prosperous career, a rich life, great happiness, good health and a long life. At the Dragon Boat Festival, zongzi spreads love and small zongzi is really exquisite. I wish you a small business, more money, a small test, good ability, a small person away, and a distinguished person.

8. Sweet dumplings, sweet mouth, sweet heart, happy smile, sweet life, sweet career, young and happy things to add; salty dumplings, filial piety, virtuous wife, virtuous and virtuous to walk the virtuous Road, the immortals also come to present for you. Dragon Boat Festival, eating zongzi while passing on friendship.

9. Today's Dragon Boat Festival, I wish you a lucky dragon boat, a cup of realgar wine for disaster relief, a long-lived wormwood leaf, an auspicious sachet, a sweet zongzi, a peaceful family and a happy smile. Wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival, family reunion and all the best!

10. Dragon Boat Festival send you a zongzi: the green leaves are pure friendship; the red and white fillings are endless care; after cooking, they are romantic; after biting, they are warm; when eating, they are sweet. I wish you happy every moment, safe every day!

11. A thousand roses for you to love yourself; a thousand paper cranes for you to worry about leaving you forever; a thousand lucky stars for you, good luck has always surrounded you! Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

12. Dragon Boat Festival has arrived, and zongzi will be presented. Ingredients: five happy dates, a care rice, three money friendship water, tied with humor, delivered by mobile phone. Shelf life: before May 5th. Save method: press the store key.

13. Wish you face with the sea, sleep with the feeling of piggy, bask in the sunshine of South Africa, spend with Gates' dollars and evade taxes with bin Laden's method every day! Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

14. Zongzi fragrance, fragrant kitchen; wormwood leaf fragrance, fragrant hall; peach branches inserted in the gate, go out to see wheat yellow; here Duanyang, there Duanyang, everywhere Duanyang, everywhere auspicious. Wish my dear friends a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

15. On May Dragon Boat Festival, I'll give you a taste of the fragrance of palm seeds. I'll pack sugar, jujube and health. I'll ensure you have a good fortune. Caiwang and Fuwang are in good health. I wish you happiness every day. I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

16. On May 5, at the Dragon Boat Festival, cook zongzi and send you blessings. I wish you a healthy body, a smart mind, a bulging wallet, countless friends and relatives, a happy life and a successful road! Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

17. On May 5, it's a good time for the Dragon Boat Festival to arrive at Dragon Boat Festival. You can swing your oars, push the waves, and sail everywhere. You can drink realgar, wear sachets, eliminate bacteria, prevent diseases and protect your health. You can drink zongzi incense, Mulan soup, and wish guanqunfang happiness! Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

18. On May 5, the Dragon Boat Festival is just the time when zongzi smells fragrant; rice sticks to rice, a good day, good luck after eating zongzi; leaves fold leaves, banknotes knot, and pieces all call for the God of wealth; rope ties, double happiness comes, I wish you a good mood every day. Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

19. May 5, Dragon Boat Festival, an ancient traditional festival, a continuation of history and culture. In this special festival, eating green dumplings with fragrance. Send me a message to miss you. Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

20. Good news: on the day of Dragon Boat Festival, users with the first two numbers of mobile phone number 13 can get zongzi at the street stall free of charge. Of course, they should put on scald cream in advance to prevent being splashed by the water of the stall owner.

21. Stop and go to enjoy the beautiful scenery; look for and search for happy traces; be happy and send off the Dragon Boat Festival holiday; be busy and wait for the arrival of work; be full of happy mood. Wish you happy after Dragon Boat Festival!

2018 Dragon Boat Festival wechat friends circle blessing speech complete

Traditional classes:

A bowl of rice lasts for a long time, auspicious and happy, happy and full of a leaf, wrapped with a line, happy and wrapped into brown, bashful and dada to you, wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival.

Friends are not necessarily reasonable, but they must know what they want; they may not be inseparable, but they must cherish each other; they may not contact often, but they must be on their mind; as friends, I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival.

Rowing dragon boats, hanging calamus, the future and career do not have to worry about; drinking rice wine, paste five poisons, happy every year; Department hundred rope, wearing a purse, the whole life to avoid evil poisons; after Dragon Boat Festival, eating zongzi, the Chinese tradition will last forever. Happy Dragon Boat Festival.


Clouds like clothes, flowers like appearance, cats like mice, chickens like insects, cows like pastures, geese like grass, rabbits like radishes, monkeys like peaches, eagles like blue sky, birds like nests, dogs like bones, pigs like troughs, I'll send you zongzi if you want, and I'll send you a message: Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

Take a bath, soak your feet, and run away with all your troubles; love you really, love you deeply, and you won't be bored with life. Dragon Boat Festival, help you hang AI ye, can love you very good!

Hello! This is "happy express" company. Your good friend Chang'e sent you a box of "beauty" zongzi from the Moon Palace on the occasion of Dragon Boat Festival. You can see the gorgeous beauty after eating it. And there is a message: don't disturb me anymore, canopy! Ha ha, happy Dragon Boat Festival!