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What's the meaning of the second goal given to Ronaldo by de GEA butter player

Before the Spanish Portuguese war, some people may have expected Portugal to lead, but I'm afraid no one would have predicted such a process. At the beginning and the end of the first half, Portugal scored two goals respectively, both of which were scored by Ronaldo. The first one was a penalty, while the second one benefited from the mistakes of de gea.

De GEA let the ball through

When the first half came to injury stoppage, Portugal passed the long ball to the front court. Ronaldo's low shooting power after receiving the pass from his teammates was full, but it was not tricky, but de GEA in front of the door missed the ball when he had already touched the ball. Portugal was 2-1 ahead again!

In the previous game against Switzerland, de GEA gave his opponent a goal because of a mistake

This is not de GEA's first mistake in recent years. In Spain's 1-1 draw with Switzerland, de GEA also made a mistake, making Switzerland level the score.

What is butter hand

Butter player is a nickname for the goalkeeper who often makes mistakes in attacking the ball. It means that he can't hold the ball stably like butter on his hand. France's legendary goalkeeper Barthes was the first to be called the butter man by the media, while England was called the England butter team because of its rich butter man goalkeeper.

Butter hand background

Butterhands, from the English language (butterfingers) refers to eating bread and butter when the hand spread butter. Later, fans and the media call the goalkeeper who is prone to low-level loss and low-level fault 'butter hand', which means that after putting butter on his hand, he can't catch the ball because his hand slips, let the ball enter the door, or was picked up by the other side's forward (in the terminology of Hong Kong football, it's called 'holding the chicken').

The legendary French goalkeeper Barthes was the first to be called the butter man by the media. Bates's condition fluctuates, often in the competition appears the low-level fault, has been given an inelegant nickname: 'butter hand goalkeeper', and gradually lost the main goalkeeper's position. When United played, they lost n matches with Arsenal and gave Henry two assists to lose the game. After that game, a butter merchant asked him for an advertisement, so he got the title of "butter man". But this kind of view later began to be quoted to other goalkeepers who like to let go.