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What is the cultural value of paper art? How to make paper art

Paper art, originated from life, is an important carrier of Chinese culture, a product of Chinese culture and thousands of years of historical accumulation, and a living cultural tradition of people-oriented, oral and personal teaching in China.

More and more attention has been paid to paper art. The inheritance of paper art is not only to learn folk cutting techniques, but also to rise to a higher level. Paper art has a strong and fresh vitality, showing a 'form of life'. Contemporary people do not have a deep understanding of folk culture, pursue fashion and alienate local culture. Many folk arts are being abandoned by people, and the inheritance of folk culture is seriously disjointed. Therefore, it is necessary to fully integrate into the national local culture. Paper art bears the important role of the carrier of cultural communication and social textbooks. The best protection for traditional folk art is to form a profound folk culture.

Paper art can give people a full space of free imagination, make thinking free, and enrich the content of culture and art. By deeply combing the spirit, form features and symbolic meaning of paper art, it is beneficial to better inherit the hierarchical structure of paper art and perceive the original flavor of folk paper art in practice; paper artists can be hired from the folk to learn the modeling, color, pattern and other skills of paper art, seek creative inspiration, expand vision to improve aesthetic taste and stimulate imagination Power and creativity; can also drive everyone to consciously explore folk customs, increase the depth of thinking.

How to make paper art

Paper art is a new type of environmental protection handicraft, which has large market space, less investment, no risk and high return. Whether as a business or leisure, it is a project with great development potential. You can train yourself in your business or improve yourself in your leisure. Here are some ways to make paper art:

Letter design vase

The used syrup bottle or ketchup bottle can be used to make a vase. You can't see its original shape at all. You can even decorate it with a combination of letter patterns.


1、 Drop the top of the plastic bottle, attach a layer of newspaper strips soaked in glue, and dry the glue.

2. Draw or use a ready-made template to cut out a letter pattern, paste it in the center of the plastic bottle, attach a layer of newspaper strip dipped in glue, take a knife to smooth the surface of the letter, and dry it.

3. The vase is painted with craft paint, and the color is self-determined. When spraying the color, pay attention to the natural stone like effect on the surface of the vase.

Elegant white rose

In addition to decorating the bottom edge of the lampshade, the paper roses with new ideas can also be decorated in any place you need in the same way.


1. First, make a manuscript on the drawing paper, draw a vortex pattern, and then cut it off. The paper roll is in a ribbon shape.

2. The outermost end of the roll starts to roll in tightly, and then release the roll to keep the shape of the flower stuck to the bottom.

Pulp bowl

1. To make pulp, you need to boil the newspaper which has been torn into small pieces in a boiling water pot, wait for an hour, filter it, tear the paper to be more broken, and then squeeze out the paste pulp with your fingers. Add the proportioned glue mixture.

2. Spray a layer of non stick gelatin on the small bowl, then stick the paper pulp on it and dry it.

3. Gently separate the dried pulp bowl from the mold, brush the desired color, or imitate the color of natural stone and wood.