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What are the 20 behaviors of men's cheating before their cheating there are 20 kinds of performance of man's cheating. It's not a moment for a man to want to cheat. If there is such an idea, it must have been a long time in advance. In fact, it will be revealed in his ordinary words and deeds. Today, I'll tell you the details that he may cheat.

20 kinds of performance of man's cheating

1. He obviously cares and pays more attention to you than usual, especially those aspects in which he has not paid any attention before. In fact, this is the expression of his guilt, because in the earliest stage of 'change of heart', it is actually a kind of subconscious compensation psychology, which mainly makes him feel better.

2. Inexplicably starts to buy gifts for you, but he is not a romantic or loving person to please you like this.

3. He suddenly becomes moody and often has nothing to look for. No matter what you do, he can always find out the fault. This is the reaction of a person in a state of emptiness of heart. He subconsciously thinks he is' wrong ', so he wants to prove that you are' wrong ', so psychologically he will have a feeling of' even '.

4. Some of his behaviors will make you doubt. Maybe you can't tell what's wrong, but you just think it's weird. At this time, you can trust women's intuition! Generally very accurate~

5. As soon as you 'fight back' and sometimes even pretend to be coquettish, he will immediately break up with you. He has no idea to communicate with you and will not propose any solution to the problem.

6. As long as you want to leave him for a period of time, such as business trip, travel, etc., he will appear inexplicably excited. Of course, it is not the feeling of "farewell", but become more emotional, such as constantly helping you prepare your luggage, paying too much attention to the journey, or showing exaggerated depression.

7. Become cold and indifferent. Become non talkative and non communicable. But nothing unpleasant happened during that time.

8. Grade changes suddenly. For example, start listening to different music, watching different movies or books, and even care about things that you didn't care about before, such as entertainment stars or cats and dogs.

9. Suddenly start to be confident. If you don't find that there are other things that inspire his self-confidence, such as a pay rise, then he is likely to get psychological satisfaction from the 'charm of men'.

10. Start criticizing you and say 'I hate this' and so on.

11. Have no interest in the 'intimate contact' between the two, prefer to watch TV alone at night and wait for you to sleep first or simply work overtime instead of coming back.

12. Talk about sex all the time, and that's something you haven't tried at all.

13. Use new words or express different opinions.

14. Start to hold you to discuss some topics that you are obviously not good at. As long as you look confused and ignorant, he will start to laugh or show his disgust and disdain. This is that he began to deliberately distance himself from you on the spiritual level, hoping that you would have the idea that "we are not matched" and "I don't match him".

15. Become concerned about your spiritual privacy, such as changing your password or not allowing you to turn over any of his objects.

16. When you are very kind to him, he will show shame inexplicably, even don't know how to face you.

17. Mention someone's name more than once in a dream.

18. When I open my eyes to see you or the surrounding environment in the morning, I feel confused and surprised. Don't let go of his little expression. It's a typical performance that he can't react to "sleeping in two beds" and "living two lives" for a while.

19. Your friend began to ask you by the way, how are you doing. When you are a spectator, your friends will often notice some of the changes you have ignored. If you find that the attention of your friends around you to your two private lives suddenly increases, you are likely to have problems.

20. Your influence on him is getting smaller and smaller. In the past, he would ask for your opinions on work, handling of friends and shopping, but now even if you offer some good suggestions, he will not pay attention.