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Is it illegal for a 16-year-old man and a woman to worship their son to discuss minor marriage?

The worship of sons by 16-year-old men and women has aroused heated discussion, which makes many post-90s who have not yet been married how can they be? 16-year-old should have received the influence of knowledge on campus, but they entered the marriage hall prematurely, which is really regrettable. Xiaobian still feels that it is better to learn more skills than to marry early!

On July 24, there was a hot online video of a young man and woman in a red dress getting married. It was reported that the groom was only 13 years old and the bride was pregnant. Some people think that similar incidents are very common in rural areas, while others lament that 'if you are a child, you will have to bear the responsibility of your family. '(this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

The incident happened in Longmen Town, Anding County, Hainan Province. Both men and women have reached the age of 16, and the woman is indeed pregnant. Because they did not reach the legal age of marriage, they did not register for marriage in the civil affairs department. On that day, they set up an engagement banquet in the village according to the custom. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

Is juvenile marriage illegal?

Minors refer to citizens under the age of 18; in other countries, minors are defined in different age ranges. In Japan, for example, minors refer to citizens under the age of 20. But in the United States, a minor means a citizen under the age of 16.

According to the marriage law, the age of marriage shall not be earlier than 22 for men and 20 for women. This is the starting point of marriage age for men and women, and the boundary between legal marriage and illegal marriage. When men and women reach this age, it is not the age of non marriage. The state calls for late marriage. Young men and women can, on a voluntary basis, appropriately postpone their marriage according to their own circumstances and requirements.

One is to prevent early marriage, the other is to advocate late marriage; the other is to impose regulations and enforcement; the other is to advocate and call for late marriage, which should not be artificially opposed. After publicity and education, some people who have reached the age of marriage insist on getting married, and the marriage registration authority shall handle the marriage registration. The marriage law requires that both men and women who are married must register their marriage in person with the marriage registration authority. Those in conformity with the provisions of this Law shall be registered and a marriage certificate shall be issued. To obtain a marriage certificate is to establish a conjugal relationship.