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How much is the Emmett air conditioning fan? Is the cooling effect good the hot summer is coming. Have you considered buying Emmett air conditioning fan in this summer? How much is an Emmett air conditioning fan? Let's find out the price of the air conditioning fan today~

How much is the Emmett air conditioner fan

Emmett's latest air conditioning fan products use a new generation of ultra thick ice film core. Its material is selected high-quality original ecological long fiber, combined with polymer materials and space cross-linking technology. Compared with the common ice film, it has the advantages of faster cooling, higher hydrophilicity, more environmental protection and health. The water adding disk circulating filtration system can effectively filter the impurities in the water, inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses, and purify the air through the silver ion mold removal ball, activation of mineralized ceramic ball and EVA bacteriostatic ball.

It has a better experience when used. Natural wind. The three options of sleep air and common air have better pertinence. The special air-conditioning fan increases the design of the air outlet. The super large air outlet can improve the air volume of the air-conditioning fan, increase the efficiency of the air outlet, realize a large range of refrigeration, and fully meet the needs of users for air volume. Here are some popular prices of air conditioning fans:

1. Emmett air conditioning fan df-af2188c single cooling RMB 325

2. Emmett air conditioning fan df-fawa5rca single cooling RMB 299

3. Emmett air conditioning fan df-fawa3rka709 yuan

4. Emmett air conditioner df-af2186k469 yuan

5. Emmett air conditioning fan df-fawa8rka remote control version cold and warm 499 yuan

6. Emmett air conditioning fan df-af1812c single cooling 439 yuan

7. Emmett air conditioning fan df-af1609c single cooling 289 yuan

Precautions for use of Emmett air conditioning fan

1. First of all, the air conditioning fan adopts water-cooling technology, so one thing to go home is to add water. Xiaobian here suggests using pure water, because the pure water has high purity and less bacteria, which reduces the growth of bacteria during the operation of the body, and water should be added frequently to ensure that the water is kept at a safe water level, and the water should be changed regularly.

2. If the air conditioning fan operates for a long time, the dust and dirt in the air will easily hang in the air inlet, and the filter screen and air curtain will also be affected. Therefore, it is recommended that the user clean it at least once every two weeks.

3. In the hot summer, people like to blow or fan the air conditioner, but this is not the right way. When using the air conditioner fan, the distance should not be too close. Because the water-cooling technology is used, it is necessary to pay attention to ventilation and maintain a proper balance, so as not to affect the health of the body.

4. When purchasing, we should pay special attention to the fact that the general air-conditioning fans are designed with water cooling, so the water tank's closeness is very important, so we must ensure that the water tank is watertight, and please turn off the power before adding water each time, so as not to damage the body.