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Who was Hu's girlfriend one day ago? Hu had several girlfriends

Hu Yitian's night meeting brought Hu Yitian to the forefront of the storm. Not only did the human facilities collapse, but also the old love history was pulled out. Who was Hu Yitian's girlfriend? How many girlfriends did Hu have in a day? Let's eat melons together!

Hu Yitian's hostess exposed the audio and chat records, posted a long article about her emotional experience with Hu Yitian, and admitted that the online exposure of the two hotel nightclubs was true. The blogger said he had feelings for Hu in March this year and kept in touch until June. At the same time, she denied her hype, and hoped that everyone would not scold any other party and be willing to take legal responsibility. ​​​ In addition, she exposed the audio conversation The man not only suspected that he satirized his fans, but also dis the heroine of the cooperative drama. In the conversation, the woman asked: 'because the other half of your drama is of that image, they think you should like that.' the suspect Hu Yitian replied: 'they usually don't find the heroine of the idol drama (too good looking)'! In response to this series of revelations, Hu Yifang still hasn't No response.

While this incident continues to ferment, many netizens are also wondering who Hu's girlfriend was one day ago?

Who was Hu's girlfriend one day ago

After Hu Yitian's small beautiful fire, his popularity continued to rise. Slowly, some netizens burst out the photos of Hu Yitian's previous work, that is, when he was a Taobao model, including the photos with the underwear model. However, most people think these photos are normal. To be an industry, we must be serious and respect the requirements of the industry. And in the burst pictures, there is no big scale, are very normal Taobao business photos!

Hu Yitian's ex girlfriend is a netizen. After he became angry, he exposed the photos of Hu Yitian when he was with him, saying that they had a good relationship, but because of personal reasons, the two broke up! And the ex girlfriend explained and stressed that Hu Yitian was very good, and didn't want to bring him any influence for the development of his career!

Hu Yitian's emotional experience

In the interview, Lao Hu admitted that he had three previous relationships. His first love was at the age of 18, and he was a straight boy, so some of these anonymous ex girlfriends may be true. Now it's revealed that the ex girlfriend is Lishi who once participated in "perfect", and she held hands with the male guests on January 31, and she was with Hu Yitian on February 25. It's not clear whether she was making a show or not. But the hot search for the bed photo and the use of Hu Yitian's same mobile phone are inevitably criticized for being different in appearance.

At that time, Lishi participated in the perfect program for a friend, and even the two never met in private. They often chat with wechat video. Because of the identity problem, it gives her a chance to get close to her, but it also marks a watershed in the relationship between the two. She is a baker from Fujian Province. Born in 1992, it should be no more than 25 years old. However, according to netizens, she and the God of men are holding hands smoothly in this program. Its micro blog is Lishi lilicey. It seems that any girl who likes Shen Yue's style is false news.