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What do women eat to Nourish Qi and blood

Sihainet: replenishing blood is a woman's lifelong career. Only by solving the problem of Qi and blood can a woman look young and beautiful. So how do women replenish blood? Medicine is better than food. How can we Nourish Qi and blood through delicious food? Let's take a look at women's blood tonic recipes with Xiaobian~

Siwu Decoction

Materials: Angelica, radix rehmanniae, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Radix Paeoniae Alba, spareribs, salt.


1) Wash and chop the spareribs. Blanch and scoop up;

2) Clean angelica, radix rehmanniae, Ligusticum chuanxiong and Radix Paeoniae Alba;

3) Boil the water in the tile pot, put all the materials in it, boil it in the fire, turn it into the paper pot for an hour, and then add salt to taste it.

Efficacy: replenish blood and regulate menstruation, moisten and nourish hair, improve pale complexion and rough skin.

Three red soup

Materials: 7 red dates, 50g red beans, proper amount of peanut red coat

Method: Boil all the materials together.

Efficacy: this blood tonic soup is the easiest to prepare, easy to buy and easy to boil. More importantly, the effect of blood supply is very good. If a woman is dizzy and pale during menstruation, drink this soup.

Stewed eel with black fungus and red dates

Materials: 2-3 Monopterus albus, 3 small cloud ears, 10 red dates, 3 ginger slices.


1) Wash, soak and tear the cloud ear and red jujube separately.

2) Wash the eel, scald with hot water to remove the slime, wash and cut into sections, put them together with ginger into a tile pot, add 2000 ml of clear water (8 bowls).

3) After the pot is boiling, change it into a slow fire pot for about 1 hour. Add some salt.

Efficacy: this decoction is suitable for menstruation, mainly because it can nourish yin and activate blood, and help women regulate menstruation and replenish blood.

In fact, the amount of this soup is enough to meet the needs of 3-4 women. Eel and cloud ear can also be picked up and mixed with soy sauce for food.

Previous page 12 next page is the career of a woman's life. Only by solving the problem of Qi and blood can a woman look young and beautiful.

Tremella pumpkin blood tonic soup

Materials: 200g pumpkin, 20g dried lotus seed, 2 tremella, 15 red dates, 1000ml ice sugar water.


1) Tremella warm bubble hair about 30 minutes; pumpkin peeled and cut into hob pieces; lotus seeds washed to painstaking; red dates washed.

2) Boil the water in a casserole. Put the tremella and lotus seeds first. Cook for 15 minutes over low heat.

3) Cook the dates for another 5 minutes, then add the pumpkins and cook until soft.

Beef soup with lily and Ginkgo

Materials: 50g for Lily, 50g for ginkgo, 8 for jujube, 300g for beef and 3 for ginger.


1) Remove the shell of white fruit, soak the coat and wash it; wash the lily and red date, and remove the core of red date.

2) Slice the beef. First put the lily, ginkgo and ginger into the clay pot, add 2000 ml of water (8 bowls of water).

3) Bring to a boil. Change the heat pot to Lily and white fruit. Add beef and roll until cooked. Add some salt and oil.

Stewed lean meat with round meat, ginger and jujube

Materials: 10g round meat, 3 pieces ginger, 15 red dates, 300g lean pork.


1) Wash the round meat and red dates, remove the core of red dates; wash the lean pork and cut into pieces.

2) Put them into a clay pot together and add 2500ml of clear water (about 10 bowls).

3) After the pot is boiling, change it to a mild pot for about 2 hours. Add some salt. This quantity can be used for 3-4 people.

Efficacy: this blood tonic soup has the effect of calming the nerves, so it is also good for menopausal women. Filial daughter can make soup for her mother.

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