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What are the functions of oats? How to choose oats

Oatmeal is a green and healthy food with low calories. It is a healthy and weight-loss food for many people. What are the functions of oats? Let's get to know each other.

Effect and function of Oats

Oats are one of the top ten healthy foods released by the World Health Organization. Oatmeal is made by pressing oatmeal. It has the characteristics of low sugar, high nutrition and high energy. It is a kind of food suitable for body-building and daily diet. It is one of the most popular healthy staple foods for modern people.

The main nutrients of oats: there are about 15g protein in every 100g oats, ranking the top of cereal food, and its amino acid composition is reasonable, which is helpful for digestion and absorption. Oats are rich in B vitamins, iron, protein, dietary fiber and fat.

Effect of oatmeal:

Oat's special contribution -- & beta; - glucan, a soluble fiber, is a non starch polysaccharide polymerized by a series of glucose molecules. This is & beta; - glucan, which has a variety of unique health care functions:

Function of oatmeal:

Oatmeal Moisturizer

Protein is one of the most important components of oatmeal. Protein can be hydrolyzed by enzyme to obtain peptide and amino acid of small molecules. These molecules contain hydrophilic groups, which can absorb water or lock the water in the cuticle of the skin. They have very good moisturizing effect, can also moisturize the skin, nourish cells, and promote the healthy growth and development of skin tissue. Oats can balance the pH value of the skin and relieve the itching symptoms of the skin. Oatmeal water can also soften and moisturize the skin, protecting the skin from external stimulation.

Oatmeal hair care

Oat protein can form a protective film on the surface of hair to maintain the relative stability of water content in the hair, so as to keep the hair smooth, smooth and bright. It can effectively prevent excessive water loss of hair, excessive dryness of hair, increase of hair static electricity, resulting in disordered hair, floating hair and other phenomena. It contains the nutrients needed by hair and scalp, can maintain the natural balance of hair and scalp, strengthen and show hair, and emit healthy luster.

Oatmeal to lose weight

Because of the high viscosity and soluble fiber in oatmeal, it can slow down the digestion time of the stomach, and with strong water absorption, it is easy to feel full. So many people will feel not hungry for a long time after eating oatmeal, which is totally different from the previous eating. Oats reduce cholesterol and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. The final result is weight loss.

How to buy oats:

Which foods contain & beta; - glucan? Oats, konjac, mushrooms, beer yeast, Ganoderma lucidum, highland barley, tartary buckwheat, barley, beans, corn, etc. If a table is arranged according to the content, the owner of the first chair is oats. It is estimated that if you eat 100 grams of oats, you can get at least 6-8 grams of beta glucan. Therefore, oats have become the best source of beta; glucan for human body.

However, there are many oat products on the market, such as oatmeal, instant oats, oatmeal, nutritional oatmeal, oatmeal rice, oatmeal noodles, oatmeal powder, etc. Which product is good?

First, carefully read the ingredients list to identify the real and fake oatmeal. The nutritional value of oats is directly related to the content of oats. For example, 100% natural oats is better than the instant products with other ingredients. When purchasing, please read the product ingredient list carefully. There are only 'oats' in the ingredient list of pure natural oats, while there are ingredients such as' vegetable fat powder', 'sugar', 'maltodextrin' and 'food additive' in the ingredient list of products with poor nutrition.

Second, try to cook and eat as much as possible. It's better to cook than to wash. Because & beta; - glucan is a water-soluble fiber, only when it is dissolved can it play a health care role. Even if it is only boiled for 3 minutes, it will significantly increase the dissolution of & beta; - glucan, while the dissolution of oatmeal prepared directly is relatively limited.

Third, the stickier the oats, the better. During cooking, oatmeal will become more and more viscous, which comes from & beta; - glucan. &The higher the content of - glucan, the greater the viscosity, the better the health care effect and the smoother the taste.