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How long can formaldehyde be removed after new house decoration many families look at their hard work after finishing the new decoration of their houses, but they are afraid of formaldehyde and are afraid to stay. I don't know how long to put it in. So how long can formaldehyde stay in the new house decoration? Now let's learn how long we can stay after the decoration of the new house with Xiaobian!

How long can formaldehyde stay in new house decoration

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to live in the new house immediately after the decoration, especially if there is a baby in the pregnant woman's house, because everyone knows that if formaldehyde hurts the body, it will be fatal. Every year, many people will not listen to advice. After the decoration of the new house, they can't wait to move in, causing many people to cause cancer, such as leukemia, etc. So please think twice when decorating.

In the domestic building materials market, most of them contain formaldehyde. Don't learn from foreign countries. When the decoration is finished, you can move in directly. That's because the materials people choose are environmental friendly. How long is it suitable to stay after the decoration? It is suggested to stay for half a year. For families with pregnant women and babies, in order to provide you with a safety guarantee, it is recommended to live in the house after one year's installation, rather than rent a house or live in a new house just after installation. Formaldehyde is an invisible killer.

How to remove formaldehyde in new house decoration

The best way to remove formaldehyde is to open the window for ventilation, and then cooperate with some formaldehyde removing green plants, such as Chlorophytum, aloe, tiger tail orchid, green pineapple, Agave, ivy, ivy, bamboo, white palm, which can absorb formaldehyde. It's better to put more types with the window for ventilation for half a year, but pregnant women are not recommended to move in, because if one Once there is slight formaldehyde, although it has little effect on normal people, it is different for pregnant women and infants.