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How to send blessing messages to candidates in 2018 high school entrance examination

It's going to be the high school entrance examination soon. How can I give my friends and children the blessing of encouragement? How can they be encouraged? Now I have arranged some blessings. Let's have a look.

1. No pains, no gains, not necessarily; no pains, there will be gains, certain!

2. No bitterness, no tiredness, no taste on the third day of junior high; no struggle, no fight, equal to white living.

3. There are only three days in one's life, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Yesterday, it's gone, it's gone forever. Today, it's at your feet, shortening every minute. Tomorrow, it is the future, it is the hope.

4. To make things change, first change myself; to make things better, first make myself better!

5. Tears are not our answer. Fighting is our choice.

6. Confidence comes from strength and strength comes from diligence.

7. If I want to say I love you, I feel too heavy; if I want to say I love you, I feel too light; if I linger all day long, I can't sleep all night long, I only count the green curtain beads of Acacia, and send them to your window with the help of the stars and the moon: I wish you a happy Mid-school entrance examination! Ten years of cold windows, a hundred days of wind and rain, travel all over the book mountains, and study at the end of the voyage.

8. You have your red, orange, yellow and green, I have my blue, blue and indigo, the sky belongs to us, because we are young.

9. To pursue is to pay a price, to succeed is to suffer.