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Who are Lu Han, woken and Jiang Wenhui as commentators of 2018 World Cup Youku

Thinking of the opening of the world cup in the evening, we all want to open a bottle of wine to celebrate. If Xiaobian tells you that Jiang Wen gives you a live commentary, is it exciting? Of course, if your love bean is Lu Han or Han Qiaosheng, it's even more exciting! Take a look at the world cup commentator list!

&Shy; however, unlike previous years, this time Youku's list of commentators has attracted unprecedented hot discussion, and all the big V's on Weibo have jumped out to express their opinions. Lian Xi, founder of, joked on Weibo: World Cup commentary lineup, is Youku funny?

It turns out that there are not only professional sports commentators such as Han Qiaosheng and Shen Fangjian, but also domestic famous hosts such as Dong Lu and Li Xiang, as well as domestic famous players such as Yang Pu and Fu Bin in the commentator and guest lineup of this Youku World Cup. Well, it's very consistent with everyone's expectation and expectation for the world cup.

­ however, unlike the past, Jiang Wen couldn't help but Tucao make complaints about the list of celebrities in entertainment circles such as Jiang Wen, Lu Han and revival. And even the "race circle" Jia Ling "Chen Yifa" and "the two dimensional sound excellent" (love and producer white) Zhang Jie broke the wall figures.