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When will the score of 2018 college entrance examination come out? How to accurately estimate the sc

After the college entrance examination, many students still have trouble sleeping and eating, because they are worried about the test scores. When will the scores of 2018 college entrance examination come down? How to accurately estimate the score after the college entrance examination? Here are some tips.

How to estimate the time after 2018 college entrance examination

The answer to the exam will come out in three days or so, no later than two weeks. It is more accurate to evaluate the score within two weeks after the test. Don't delay too long, which will seriously affect the accuracy of your evaluation.

The evaluation of Chinese test paper

The result of Chinese test paper is a big change, because we can't give ourselves a correct evaluation of composition. Usually, the composition we write is scored by the teachers of our school, which has a certain gap and strictness with the scoring standard of college entrance examination. There is generally no doubt about multiple choice questions, right and wrong at a glance. Classical Chinese translation as long as the answer to a few key words translation can, do not easily estimate the full mark. There are corresponding points for reading questions. If you have several points for your answer, you can give points. This is fixed and easy to estimate.

The evaluation of mathematics papers

There is no need to say more about multiple choice questions. Right is right, wrong is wrong. Don't expect problems in the system to correct you. Don't make a conclusion when you encounter uncertainty. It takes up time and space. The results calculated in the sample will not be overestimated. Don't judge your full score or zero score just by looking at the result. There are obvious steps in the answers to the college entrance examination papers. Don't look at the results. The results are one point at best. Be sure to see if you have the steps of giving points. If not, there must be no points. In time, you have the right answer.

The time when the college entrance examination scores come out

Every year, the release time of college entrance examination results is not fixed, but it is also around June 23-25, and there are some provinces that are either ahead of schedule or behind schedule. If you want to know the score at the first time, you can watch TV when you are free. Sometimes, the TV news will tell you that you can query the score at the first time.

The way to query results is very simple and fast, so don't worry too much. Sometimes, there may be many people to query, and the system will be very slow. At this time, don't worry too much, refresh several times, and the page will appear. Some students are very excited at the moment when they know that they can query the results of the college entrance examination. They want to find their scores at once, but no matter what, they must keep a peaceful attitude. Even if their scores are not good, they should slowly calm down their attitude and learn to control their emotions in the future when they go to university.

When the results of the college entrance examination are published, it may be in a very short time that the minimum score line of the undergraduate course can be published, so you can also see if your scores are consistent with those of the undergraduate course.