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Introduction to the price of goldfish fry

Ordinary people need to wait for it to grow up before they can tell that the scales of the blue dragon are blue, generally without gold; the golden scales of the red dragon only grow to the fourth row from the abdomen to the upper row, and the body color gradually turns red; the golden scales of the over back Golden Dragon, as the name suggests, can grow over the back and cover the whole body.

Brief introduction of Golden Dragon

The golden dragonfish has existed since 290 million years ago. It is one of the few ancient fishes. At present, the golden dragonfish is mainly distributed in Oceania, South America and Asia. The golden dragon can be divided into several strains, and the more famous varieties are the Golden Dragon and the red dragon.

Chinese Name: golden dragon fish.

Kingdom: Animal Kingdom.

Strain: over back golden dragon, red dragon fish, etc.

Distribution area: Oceania, South America and Asia.

Family: Osteoglossidae.

The golden dragon is one of the few ancient fish species. Now many people will raise the dragon as a Fengshui fish. There are many points to be paid attention to in the selection of very special golden dragon fish. Golden dragon fish can also be divided into several strains. Do you know how to select?

There are several strains in different forms of golden dragonfish. The rare ones are the back golden dragonfish and the red dragonfish. The carambola is native to Malaysia and the red dragon is mainly produced in Indonesia. In addition, there are also produced in Australia's star point Dragon (Pearl Dragon) and produced in South America's Amazon Silver Dragon and black dragon. It's easy to distinguish the over back golden dragon fish from the silver dragon fish and the black dragon fish (detailed introduction), but it's hard to distinguish them from the red dragon fish and the green dragon fish at the fry stage. It's generally necessary for people to wait for them to grow up to distinguish the blue dragon fish scales, which are generally not golden; the golden scales of the red dragon fish only grow to the fourth row from the abdomen, and the body color gradually turns red; the golden scales of the over back golden dragon fish can grow as the name suggests The back covers the whole body.

Price of Golden Dragon

There are several grades of golden dragonfish: 1. Gold head over back, about 10000 yuan. 2. Half gold head over back, about 5000 yuan. 3. Over the back, about 3000 yuan. 4. Class B quilt, about 2000 yuan. 5. High back, about 1500 yuan. 6. Gem, about 1000 yuan. It varies according to the region and the level of fish.

The price of a 1.5kg golden dragon fish can be sold to 180000 yuan. After conversion, the unit price per gram is 120 yuan, which is more expensive than gold.

According to some fish owners, there is another main reason why golden dragon fish can sell at such a high price: they can bring 'good geomancy'. It can be seen in some aquatic markets that once it is named "Fengshui fish", the price will be higher. Most of the "Fengshui fish" are dragon fish in gold, red, silver and other colors. The price of the golden dragon fish is the highest. The silver dragon fish with Malaysian "hukou" can also be sold to 42000 yuan.

Price of Golden Dragon fry:

The price of adult golden dragon fish is high, and the price of juvenile golden dragon fish is not low. The price of juvenile golden dragon fish with a length of more than 10 cm is more than 3000 yuan. In coastal cities such as Guangzhou and Fuzhou, Fengshui fish with slightly strange shapes, such as three eyed golden dragon fish, are more expensive and can be sold for hundreds of thousands of yuan.