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What is China's new four great inventions? What is the significance of China's new four great invent

What is China's new four great inventions? What is the significance of China's new four great inventions Recently, a questionnaire shows that foreign youth who have lived in China want to bring back what they want most. Friends from Waiguo have chosen their hearts, the "four new inventions" of China! What are the four new inventions of China? What's the meaning of the four new inventions of China? Let's have a look!

"Take your mobile phone with you without your wallet when you go out", "take out and express delivery are very fast", "high-speed rail is great", "sometimes it's difficult to return to China" & hellip; & hellip; has become the evaluation of young foreigners on China.

The pancake aunt has Alipay.

'I can go out in China without taking a wallet and taking a cell phone. I can buy everything I want to buy, eat everything I want, and even the aunt who sells pancakes has Alipay. "Said Lin Jinlong, a Chinese student from Cambodia.

He obviously loves food: 'it's convenient to order takeout online if you want to eat here, but you have to go out if you want to eat in your hometown. '

At the Silk Road Research Institute of Beijing Foreign Studies University, when asked about the "20 way youth" along the belt "talk about the Chinese way of life most wanted to bring home," Lin first chose Alipay and online shopping.

Wu Hao, executive director of the north outer Silk Road Research Institute, told Xinhua: "when the result of the interview came out, it was concentrated in four aspects: high-speed rail, Alipay, sharing bicycles and online shopping, so it was summed up as ‘ the new four invention ’ (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with the source, the original link:

They are all related to science and technology, which shows that China's technological innovation has greatly improved the quality of life of the people. &lsquo, &rsquo along the way, and young people studying in China along the route have a deep understanding of this point. 'said Wu Hao.

Many officials of international organizations living in China also feel this.

Shi Hede, a representative of the World Health Organization in China, is a bicycle enthusiast. His wechat avatar is a bicycle. He often forwards news about the rise of bike sharing in China in his circle of friends.

He said: 'bike sharing brings cycling back to people's lives because it's convenient and cheap. "He believes that sharing bicycles more humanized to meet people's point-to-point travel needs, making public transport more attractive and convenient.

Of course, Shepard did not forget the line: 'sharing bicycles can also reduce traffic congestion and encourage people to exercise more, which is good for physical and mental health. All of these will help our city transform into a healthy city. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with the source, the original link:

'China is entering a new era of innovation'

Sharing bicycle is not only a bicycle, but also supported by satellite positioning system, mobile payment, big data and many other scientific and technological achievements. Chinese entrepreneurs take the lead in combining these scientific and technological elements in the world to develop a bike sharing model. Recently, they have begun to enter overseas markets such as Singapore and the UK.

"China is entering a new era of innovation," he said of the phenomenon. 'he thinks the deep reason is that' the country has invested a lot of money in innovation ', which has produced many innovative results, so that people have more choices and improve the quality of life.

According to Rebecca & middot; fanning, founder of Silicon Valley Dragon, an American innovation research institution, China's technological innovation has made rapid progress. '

She often visited China and studied the growth process of many Chinese high-tech companies. She wrote "Silicon Valley Dragon: how China wins the high-tech competition".

She noted that although technologies such as mobile payment and online shopping originated in the United States, China has rapidly leaped over the era of personal computers and large shopping malls, leading the U.S. 'China's mobile business is in a leading position in many aspects'. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

Yoneyama Haruko, an expert at the Japan research and development center of China comprehensive research and exchange center, sighed, "there are so many applications of technology in China's life!" she also cited examples of high-speed rail, Alipay and sharing bicycles. She thought that in the past ten years, Japan has not been able to compete with China in terms of innovation and development.

"Promoting the national and global economic development"

Dai Kun, chief analyst of Forrester market consulting, said: 'although not all these concepts, business models or related technologies originated in China, these products and services have improved the experience of travelers, consumers and citizens, and promoted the development of China and the global economy. '

Innovation provides continuous power for China's economic development. The economic data just released in the first half of the year shows that China's GDP grew by 6.9% year-on-year, continuing to play the role of "main engine" of world economic growth, while the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress to China's economic development in 2016 has risen to 56.2%.

Many foreigners hope to use China's achievements to promote their own economic development. Lin Jinlong said that Cambodia has only two railways and its speed is very slow. It takes about eight hours to drive 300 kilometers, while it takes only half an hour to take the high-speed railway from Beijing to Tianjin for more than 100 kilometers.

"The Chinese often say that if Cambodia has high-speed rail, its economy will develop rapidly. 'said Lin Jinlong. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

"Xiaolin speaks of these, embodies the ‘ along the way ’ the youth along the line hope to bring the technological achievements in Chinese life back to the development of their own country," Wu Hao said, "in a larger sense, ‘ the new four inventions ’ outward dissemination, it can be said that China's ‘ innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing &rsquo," the five major development. The concept shows Chinese style and style on the world stage. '