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What's the difference between cotton and linen for curtains

The function of the curtains at home is very big. They not only have the function of privacy, but also can do decoration. The most important thing is to avoid light. In the selection of curtains, of course, there are more, these two years more popular linen curtains, but how to distinguish linen and cotton linen? Let's get to know.

What is flax

Flax, one of the best fabrics in summer, is very breathable and fashionable to wear. The disadvantage is that it is easy to wrinkle and rough to handle. There is a big gap between the threads of linen fabric, just like the rice bag a long time ago, it looks more airy.

What is cotton and hemp

Cotton and linen are made by blending flax and cotton. The advantages and disadvantages of the two are integrated. It has a bit of hemp and a bit of cotton.

Ma: good comfort, good air permeability, affordable, but itchy to the skin, poor elasticity, easy to fade.

Cotton: good comfort, soft feel, strong sweat absorption, but poor durability, poor elasticity, fading shrinkage, easy to wrinkle.

Cotton and linen blended fabric can effectively avoid the shortcomings of hemp and cotton, and they complement each other and become the best choice for summer clothes.

Which is better, the curtain linen or the cotton linen

From a practical point of view, cotton hemp is more suitable for curtain use. Because the curtain itself will be easy to dirty, and need to be cleaned, and linen cleaning is very troublesome, and easy to shrink and wrinkle, if not handled well, it will become very ugly. But the unique natural flavor style of linen is not replaced by cotton and linen. If you can do a good job in maintaining linen curtains, choosing linen is absolutely very good to make your room more stylish.

How to distinguish flax from cotton

​ flax

Pure flax requires high production technology and is generally not easy to produce. In recent years, flax began to be popular. Its demand is not as strong as that of foreign countries. Chinese clothes are usually made of cotton. The appearance roughness of pure flax is stronger than that of cotton and hemp. It is normal that roving will appear and there is some deviation in the color of some threads. Because the process of flax production is relatively different from that of cotton and hemp, pure flax generally has some impurities. But it feels much better on the body than cotton and hemp.

Cotton and linen

A lot of hemp materials in the market are mainly cotton and hemp, but in order to reduce the cost in many production, chemical fiber may be used instead of cotton. Of course, the effect of low-cost things will be relatively poor.

How to clean linen curtains

1. There are also requirements for water when cleaning linen curtains. If the hardness of water is too high, that is to say, the content of calcareous in water is high, softener should be added at this time, especially to clean dark linen fabric. Because flax's water absorption is strong, so the water consumption when cleaning curtains will be more. The water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. Generally, clean it with cold water. If the water temperature is too high, the linen curtains may shrink.

2. When washing linen curtains, choose the right detergent. The lotion containing bleach can clean the white linen curtains, but it can't clean the colored linen curtains, because the color fastness of the linen curtains is not good, it is very easy to fade.

3. If it is machine wash, it is not allowed to overload the washing machine, so that there is enough space for linen in the washing machine. When cleaning linen curtains, you should avoid the abrasion of curtains and washing machine shell. You'd better use a special washing machine bag to cover it, so as to avoid the damage caused by washing.

4. Linen curtains should not be washed by machine, and hand washing is better for linen curtains. After washing, it must be hung in a ventilated and dry place, and the drapes on the curtains must be smoothed out, otherwise too many drapes will affect the appearance after drying.

5. When basking in the sun, it can't be directly exposed to the sun. It can only be placed in a cool place and dried in the shade. Because the sun exposure is easy to make the linen curtain yellow. If possible, it can also be ironed.

How to maintain linen curtains

1. In case of stormy weather, please remember to close the window to prevent the curtain from being easily damaged due to the rain.

2. In the use process, if the pull bead is not smoothly pulled, pull it several times, but control the force.

3. When you need to dust linen curtains, use a clean duster or cotton towel to wipe them.

4. If there are some dirty fingerprints on the curtain, use clean sponge to dip some water, and then add some neutral detergent to wipe.

5. Do not use hot objects near the linen curtains, such as the sun in winter, oil heater and other heating elements, high temperature is easy to damage the linen material.