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Where is Sanhua Li? How to choose Sanhua Li

Sanhua Li is a special fruit in Guangdong Province, and Sanhua Li is most famous in Wengyuan County, Shaoguan City. How to choose sweet and sour Sanhua Plum? Let's get to know with Xiaobian.

How much is Sanhua Li in 2018

The price of Sanhua Li is 5-10 yuan / Jin.

The price of Sanhua Li is related to the time of listing. The price of early maturing Sanhua Li is 6-7 yuan per catty, and the price of regular Sanhua Li is 12-15 yuan per catty.

In addition, the price of online stores is also different from that of fruit stores. Now many fruit producing areas have opened online stores, because many links are omitted, the price will be cheaper, but the price fluctuation of sanhuali in online stores will be larger than that of fruit stores. For example:

Plums, fruits, crispy plums, fresh, picked, delivered, March plums, pregnant fruits, green plums, Sanhua plums, 3 jin, package price: 39.90

Guangxi Sanhua Plum, sweet and sour, red heart, plums, non March plums, pregnant women, fruits, green and crisp plums, now 3 jin, free of charge, price: 35.00

Lotus, Li, Fujian Sanhua, Li Nongjia, fresh pregnant woman, fruit, plum, red heart, Li Fei, boneless, Li Suan, 5 jin, package price: 29.90

Sanhua Plum fresh spot plum red heart plum acid Crisp Plum chicken blood plum pregnant woman big peach plum lotus plum 5 jin price: 69.90

In online stores, the same price difference of 3-jin-pack is not big, but the same price difference of 5-jin-pack is big. As for the product, it depends on luck.

How to choose fresh Sanhua Li

Generally speaking, immature plums can't be eaten, so try to pick red ones when selecting Sanhua plums.

The outside of the plum is round. If it's big or small, it's OK to leave it alone. But pay attention not to scratch the skin. If it's scratched, it's easy to rot. In addition, plum will be bitten by insects, so it's normal that it's a little irregular or bumpy outside. Look at the feel good plums. They will feel a little soft. Too hard plum, will be more acid, and the fruit is also relatively hard. So, it's better to choose some softer ones. You can feel them with a little strength, but don't pinch them. They will break. Try to eat, pay attention to choose not so sour, too sour plums, a few eat down, teeth are unable to bite things. At the same time, it should be a little soft, because good plums will be soft and sweet, not crisp and raw.

Where is the specialty of Sanhua Li

Sanhua Town, Wengyuan County, Shaoguan City.

Sanhuali is one of the most famous famous and characteristic fruits in Guangdong. Sanhua Town, Wengyuan County, Shaoguan City is the birthplace of sanhuali and the place with the best fruit quality.

According to historical records, sanhuali was planted in Jiajing period of Ming Dynasty, so the planting history of sanhuali has been nearly 500 years. It is recorded in Cihai and Cihai, a famous Chinese product. The origin of Liyuan is Sanhua Village (Sanhua town), Wengyuan, Shaoguan, Guangdong Province.