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China team of the 2018 fina Diving World Cup won 11 gold and silver medals!

On the evening of June 10, the final competition of the 21st fina Diving World Cup ended in the swimming pool of Wuhan Sports Center, and Chinese team changyani / steinmao won the women's synchronized 3M board final with 334.80 points. In this world cup, China won 11 Championships in all 11 setting events, and won the second place in four individual events (men's and women's three meter boards and men's and women's ten meter platforms) in which two players can play. Achieve the real sense of all inclusive (11 gold and 4 silver). This is the second time in the history of China's diving team in the world cup after 2014. The number of 11 events set in this world cup has also set a new record, and the Chinese team has reached the most perfect achievement.

In this morning's women's synchronized 3M board semi-final, changyani / steinmao ranked first with 299.10 points. But maybe it's the semi-final guarantee to make it to the final. Changyani / steinmao was a little slack in the final jump of 5152b, with only 44.10 ultra-low points. In the final, the two teams will be highly concentrated and there will be no more mistakes. As a result, all the five jumps are ranked first in the single round.

In the final, the Chinese team scored 53.40 points in the first jump of 101b (forward somersault half cycle), and the Chinese team scored 52.80 points in the second jump of 301B (reverse somersault half cycle), with 106.20 points after the two jumps, more than six points ahead of the second Canadian team. In the third jump, changyani's 405B (two and a half somersaults inward) got the highest score of 79.20 points in the whole field, and immediately pulled down the Canadian combination by more than 15 points.

The fourth jump 205B (backward somersault for two and a half weeks), the Chinese combination continued to make efforts to get 73.80 points, which is a strong score with a leading advantage of about 10 points! At this time, the game has lost suspense, and changyani / steinmal has no slack, giving a strong performance of 75.60 points in the final performance 5152b (forward somersault for two and a half weeks and a week). In the end, changyani / steinmao won the championship with 334.80 points, and won the last championship for the Chinese team. Abel / sitrini from Canada finished second with 302.04 points, and Tan fan / Smith from Australia finished third with 290.10 points.

The following is the full list of Chinese team's top runners up in this world cup: Men's three meter board, champion Xie Sixian, runner up Cao Yuan; men's ten meter board, champion Chen Eisen, runner up Yang Jian; men's three meter board, champion Cao Yuan / Xie Sixian; men's ten meter board, champion Yang Hao / Chen Eisen; women's three meter board, champion Shi Tingmao, runner up Wang Han; women's ten meter board, champion zhangjiaqi, runner up Ren Xi; Women's doubles three meter board, champion Chang Yani / Shi Tingmao; women's doubles ten meter board, champion zhangjiaqi / Zhang Minjie; mixed doubles three meter board, champion Li Zheng / Wang Han; mixed doubles ten meter board, champion Si Yajie / Lian Junjie; mixed doubles all-around competition, champion Qiu Bo / Chen Yiwen.